Second Trimester Woes As A Geriatric Mom! + Video

My second trimester has been a doozy, literally. I have had the best of times (and the worst of times) and I wanted to share them with my readers who are following my motherhood to be journey. So let me tell you girl!

1. You WILL get hot flashes…and Cold Flashes.

I used to laugh at my Mom for her hot flashes. Now my hot flashes are like “Hey girl hey…it’s hot now.” And then….its cold.

2. You are hungry ALL of the time.

I used to wake up, Thank the Lord and Go Pee. Now sometimes I am eating BEFORE I pee. In fact the baby sometimes knocks on my uterus in the middle of the night and wakes me up telling me that I better eat or else. I hear the song, “Hungry, hungry hippos!”

3. You finally start to gain weight.

In your first trimester you don’t gain that much weight. In fact I lost weight. All of the sudden I looked down and I was not sure whose stomach and thighs those were. What happened to my thigh gap…oh that’s gone….the baby took that away. Yep, you are getting fat now girl.


I feel everything, maybe some stuff that isn’t even there. I will cry whenever anybody mentions family, Michael Jackson or anything that gives me the feels. And I am usually like b*tch of steel…I dont even have tear ducts. My ex told me that he had a new friend I felt like I had been betrayed. #WhatWorldAmILivingIn …baby’s world.

5. Sometimes your belly button will stink.

I am not sure if this happens to everybody, but I started noticing my belly hurting and then being like a little funk box. No matter what I did. Dont judge me. I am clean…but my belly button is basically like a mini dump truck.

6. You get accustomed to being uncomfortable.

I am always slightly uncomfortable. From a cramped belly to a headache to being naked in front of strangers to a back that is screaming. It’s all for the love of baby!

7. You will miss your wine.

Lord, some days after I climb the steps to this tower apartment I just want to pour a glass of wine. I will be in the spirit in about 7 months though!!!

8. You will waddle.

Yep, your sexy walking days are over honey. I felt like the world was my catwalk before October 1, 2017. These days I just scurry around the best way that I can. It gets worse every day. And I am clumsy to boot. I have worked on trying to walk in a slightly more sexy manner…nope.

9. Nipples

Whoa nipples. I mean do NOT touch them. When I take my bra off I almost scream sometimes. Its tough enough that it’s time to shop for new bras for this expanding rack (I guess they are boobs now) but my nipples dont look like my own and they are sensitive AF. Like the air can blow and I can feel it.

10. Sex Dreams & Drive

Ummm…this is weird. I get to have night time sex with everyone. I mean everyone. I will not name names as not to incriminate myself. I have heard though that a LOT of women actually have full on sleeping orgasms. Nocturnal emissions and all-that isn’t fair. Hopefully the third trimester will bring that along! …because my sex drive is a mess. If I didnt have any shame I would be out here making twins.

Although the woes of your second trimester are crazy expecting a new life is SO amazing and exciting and I cannot wait to see what the next leg of my journey of motherhood will bring me.

Hey Moms and Moms to be out there…what are some of your Pregnancy Woes?

Sharelle D. Lowery is THE Classy, Black Girl.

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