My Favorite Pregnancy Apps

As a first time “geriatric Mom” you are pulling for straws (and information) simply trying to figure out exactly what is happening to your body and if it’s normal. This is when you need pregnancy apps!

When I had implantation bleeding, I didn’t lose my mind because I learned about it online before it actually happened to me. It is a pretty trite saying, but knowledge IS power. I receive a lot of knowledge from my Mother and friends but other information is coming straight from my apps!…yes pregnancy apps….like on my phone. Here are my favorite ones.

1. What to Expect: I love this pregnancy app for two reasons: There are amazing articles, I know that my baby is now the size of a peach and I love the groups! You join a group of women who are having their baby during the same month as you are! It’s like Facebook for Moms who are having their baby in your month! This is probably the app that I visit most often.

The Bump: The Bump is also awesome. They have really good high quality articles that totally come at the perfect time. It’s like they know that I now have ligament pain or that I have a question about coffee. I think that they are in my brain. It’s the ultimate preggo blog. This app is SOOOO thorough. You get your baby’s approximate size, the stage of development and some helpful blog posts. I also love the email digest that I receive that send me right over to the app.

Flo: Flo is always going to be my favorite, because it was at 6 Days Late on this app that I found out that I was pregnant. I used Flo to track my period because whenever I went to the doctor I never knew when my last period was. It also helped me figure out travel plans, etc. It goes from a non-pregnant status to a pregnant status and also shows you what your baby looks like…at this stage!

Pregnancy Apps Ovia First Trimester Second Trimester

Sprout Pregnancy

Baby Story

Baby Center

Baby Story is super cute because every day I receive an alert that tells me how many days I have left until I see my Sweet Pea!

A Baby Story App Pregnancy Apps  Classy Black Girl

There is nothing like having a full circle of support from family to friends to my trusty apps. They have also really helped me NOT eat stuff that could have been harmful to my baby that I did not even know about.

Did you know that pregnant women should not eat cold cuts or sandwich meat unless you cook it? Nope, me neither. It was ALL in my apps as soon as I got pregnant they kicked straight info to me.

What pregnancy apps or resources do you use to stay on top of your baby information?…I really want to know!! <3 Sharelle D. Lowery is THE Classy, Black Girl.

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