Is Pregnancy Guilt a Real Thing?

While we can all agree there is really no such thing as “Daddy Guilt” is there a such thing as Pregnancy Guilt?

Why yes, there is.

Pregnancy Guilt is Real

I thought that the idea of it was silly. Now I realize that pregnancy guilt is a REAL thing. When I ignore that bag of spinach and reach for cookies in the fridge…I feel awful. I mean REALLY awful. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if I have had enough water for the day or if walked enough or if my baby is getting enough folate for the day. It stresses me out sometimes and makes me wonder about the type of mother that I will be when my baby comes.

What I Do To Combat Pregnancy Guilt

When I feel bad that is when I decide to rub my belly and talk to my baby. I have named my baby “Sweet Pea.”

I talk to Sweet Pea.
I read the Bible to Sweet Pea. God is going to be the forever link between me and my child.
I pray as well, be it on my knees or by just opening dialogue to God while driving or even while working.
I talk to my Mom and I ask her about when she was pregnant with us and usually what she tells me about being pregnant really calms me down…especially when she tells me that she occasionally had a Black Russian on Friday’s when she was pregnant with me.
Self Talk. I talk to myself and remind myself that I am capable and that God has given me all that I need to be the type of Mother that he has called me to be. He would have never blessed me with Sweet Pea if I was not supposed to the type of Mother that GOD has designed me to be.

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I realize that I am beginning our real relationship and I am giving my baby the best that I have got. Good communication over everything will help me to be the best Mother that I can be. Communication with my Mom (the best Mom in the World), communication with Sweet Pea and communication with God will help rid me of my pangs of guilt.

What do you do if you ever have pregnancy guilt?

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