Why Pregnant Women Rub Their Bellies

When I was a little girl my Mother would look at me and almost immediately know what I was thinking. I hated it. I am a conservative daughter and I always think more than I would ever dream of saying. Now at 40, going into being a first time 40 year old Mom I realize that the Mother-Child bond is strong. We still have the same thoughts, (me and my Mother) and I would never want that to change. I know now that it starts in the womb.

Feb 13th, 2018

I remember the first day that I felt my baby kick, February 13th, 2018. It started as a surprise that I had anxiously been waiting for, now I can almost predict my Sweet Peas kicks. If I eat (kick), drink (kick), get surprised (kick). 9:30 – 10:30 pm (kick ball). I open my eyes (kick)….as I type this (kick). It is my baby’s way of saying, “Hey Mom!” And when I rub my belly, it is my way of letting my beloved know that I am here. Mommie is Always here.

I would rub my belly from the time that I found out that I was pregnant, mostly because I was pretty amazed that “a whole baby” was growing inside of me. I started speaking to Sweet Pea and reading The Bible to my baby. I feel like the belly rub is the closest that I can get to hugging and kissing her. She kicks, I rub. It is our way of letting the other one know that everything is ok.

Now that I am a Mom to Be, I hug and kiss my own Mom so much more. I love the bond that we have and I am convinced that our ESP comes directly from me being cradled inside of my Mothers Womb and her voice being the music of my existence.

So when you see women rubbing their bellies, know that it is a non-verbal communication that exists between a Mom and her baby. This is also why you should never touch a pregnant woman’s body if you are not invited to do so.

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