Rules of Being in a Rebound Relationship

All types of relationships are interesting-especially the Rebound Relationship. This is the relationship that you might jump into a few months after getting dumped or dumping your partner.

When you are in a Rebund Relationship There are Some Rules

While you are not like the Side Chick, the Rebound Relationship has a specific time frame and its for a specific purpose. The purpose of the Situationship is to get over a previous long term relationship and to just have some fun. You may just want to get under somebody else while you are getting over another person.

1. Dont take the Rebound Relationship too Seriously.
Just have some fun, so keep long conversations and expectations to a minimum. When you kick it, cool. When you dont kick it…that’s cool too.

2. Learn something new!

I would say, if you are going to be experimenting and enjoying being a little loose…the Rebound Relationship where you do it. Hey Girl Hey…learn a new sex trick to take to the next NEW REAL BAE.

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3. Use the temporary bae nicely.
When the time is up don’t just ghost them, let them know respectfully that you are ready to be single again and want to be even more casual…like friends.

4. Be safe.
Make sure that no matter what, you are using sexual protection.

5. Be Clear.
This means that both you and the other person are in the same casual space.

All of this causual-ness does not mean that you may not take your relationship to another level. After all you and the Rebound Relationship might end up authentically hitting it off, but don’t count on it. Just follow the rules and take some good time to get over your former lover.

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