Royal Monkey Tho? BBC Journalist Fired Over Baby Chimp Tweet

I mean already with the Monkey jokes? So here we go with no respect to a newborn. Black newborns don’t get the same respect as white ones. British radio host fired after racist tweet about Prince Harry and Meghan’s little one.

Danny Baker, 61, BBC journalist, tweeted a picture depicting the new Royal baby of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who is biracial, as a chimpanzee. The picture was of a couple holding hands with a chimp in the middle with the caption, “Royal baby leaves hospital.” Thie came hours after the couple debuted their beautiful little one to the media as is custom of the Royals. Of course he deleted the tweet because – social pressure.

The BBC spokesperson said that the tweet was a serious error in judgement and goes against the values that we as a station aim to embody.

My side eye is strong here tho when Baker said that the photo was not meant to be racist at all. Really? He even said that he would have tweeted that about any Royal birth, other dignitaries or even his own children. Well why haven’t you done this before Baker? Being that you have been a journalist for a LONG time and been through a few Royal births. He apologized, but then got mad after he was fired. He was not expecting that backlash tho.

I feel so many ways about this. As a new and first time Mother your love is so large. Your baby is absolutely beautiful to you, with no exceptions. I cannot imagine someone saying anything but complimentary to my child, let alone calling them an animal. But for Black people in the diaspora worldwide, the symbol of a chimp or monkey of any type conjures feelings of history and colonizers treating us as animals or less than human. The fact that this host lost his job is minor because a conservative or alt right media outlet is going to pick up his antics and he will be back to work spewing more ignorance.

Whenever Black people seem to be closing in on equal footing, the monkey comments always make themselves present. Hoping for the least amount of damage and pain for Harry and Meghan and little Archie in this situation.


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