Non Supportive When Things Go Well

This opinion piece was written by Jason Francis of Social Media Samurai on the Relationship topic of Non Supportive When Things Go Well.

This morning on Twitter I came across a link to a study that reported that Men secretly feel terrible when the woman they love succeeds. Just non supportive. My first reaction to this was,

“Great, another post to make men seem like the bane of the world.”

I closed the screen after a quick retweet & Facebook share and kept my day moving. It later struck me to return to the post and think on this some more. This type of reaction has never, EVER been the case for me, so I’m trying to my best to understand things that don’t immediately connect to me.

Do I think that many men feel some kind of internal competition with women? I am sure that is the case on a number of levels. I’m not naive to the world that many women have been dealing with and striving to excel in. I know men in many situations see women counterparts as inferior to the task at hand. The idea that it’s a “Man’s World” is still paramount with a lot of cats.

The part that loses me is the whole competing with the “woman they love” part. It often to me feels, like I am the weirdo for my view points of supportive actions between men and women. But how or why would you feel bad for your partner’s success? At this point I’m thinking in situations of serious relationships with long terms intentions not just the new person momentarily in your life. Women professionally have been on an increasing upwards rise and depending on the age of the men in question they’ve grown up knowing a much more balanced business world. Of course much more needs to be done on this plane but still the mind-set of the woman that doesn’t pursue higher education or a career to just be a house wife is becoming pretty ancient.

What It Really Comes Down To With Non Supportive Partners

As I think on it the only way I can see myself feeling terrible over my partners advances is if I am not doing what I need or desire to be doing. A feeling of diminished worth would seem understandable if I’m not pulling my weight in the relationship and in life. Truthfully a loving partner would never be non supportive, but will help to soothe that pain if the relationship communication is on that level. I understand that clearly that is not what many are dealing with.

Maybe the title was worded to catch the eye or maybe that’s exactly what the writer intended to express. I could be looking at the world through my cup is 1/2 full glasses as usual and missing the point. I don’t know. I start to hesitate to even voice my view after having some interesting replies to my last Male/Female opinion post. What do you guys think on this. Are the male thoughts to a woman’s achievements mainly negative as this study suggests? Y’all let me know. In the meantime I’ll go bounce around Google to find something to remind myself why men & women even interact because these Internets don’t give much positive reinforcement for it.

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