My 3-D Ultrasound Experience At First Glance Studio! #Pregnancy

Have you heard about having a 3-D Ultrasound? Where you can see the baby much clearer and 4-D Ultrasounds where you can see the baby actually moving? I have been so fired up to get one of those done!

Today was just an absolute blessing as I was able to see my bouncing baby ?? live & in color at the @atfirstglancestudio It was soooo much fun!! It’s an ultrasound office set up like a posh bedroom with plenty of room for your friends and family to see your baby on the big screen!! I was able to see the baby in #3D and in #4D!!! At #17weekspregnant it was such a joy to spend time with a wonderful staff that put my needs and comfort FIRST!!! Down to the pillows!!! I cannot wait to come back at 20 weeks and then right before my Sweet Pea comes to get awesome and in real life photos and video!!! More information WILL be on the Blog!! – – – #momlife #classyblackgirl #classyblackmom #classyblackbaby

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I have been super excited at the thought of being able to see my baby on a big screen live and in living color and my absolute dreams came true when I visited the At First Glance Studio in El Cerrito, California. Nestled in a wonderful neighborhood an expecting Mama and family would feel completely comfortable visiting!

At First Glance Studio 3-D Ultrasound Classy Black Girl

My Experience

When you arrive at the location you are greeted by the warm and welcoming smile of the owner, she is also expecting and I was so excited to share Mom to Be stories with her. She is having her second child and she is a Spelmanite. I was immediately comforted and I was excited because this business is owned and operated by another Clasy, BlackGirl.

The office is quiet and professional, but the real magic happens when you enter the 3-D Ultrasound Room. It is beautiful and warm, like your own bedroom.

At First Glance Studio 3-D Ultrasound Classy Black Girl

If you have ever had an ultrasound, you are on a tiny bed, its hard and the room is dark and not inviting for family or friends. At the At First Glance Studio you experience the exact opposite. The bed is so big that my SisterFriend from Mama Knows it All, Brandi Riley, was able to help me with big, fluffy pillows and she was able to sit on the bed with me.

At First Glance Studio 3-D Ultrasound Classy Black Girl
All while my Mom was taking pictures and ohhing and ahhing at the big screen where we could all see the baby! Talk about excitement. It was a 3-D Ultrasound!

While the baby was a little too small to determine the sex but we could see that the baby was happy and bouncing all around!

At First Glance Studio 3-D Ultrasound Classy Black Girl

I was so excited about this appointment that I had to share it with all of my friends online!

Me, my Sweet Pea & #SisterFriend @brandijeter who always has my back!! She joined me and my Moms while we partied and met the baby ?? live and in color @atfirstglancestudio ohhhing and ahhhhing for an hour at my baby who bounced all around my belly! You know that you have a friend when they ALWAYS cheer for you and always love you and always send opportunities your way and never judge you! I thank God for a friend like Brandi. ??? Thank you for your continued encouragement!! And thank you for introducing me to this fabulous Ultrasound Imaging Center!!! The vibe of it is just perfect for expecting Moms!!! – – – #momlife #momstobe #classyblackgirl #classyblackMom #deltasigmatheta #17weekspregnant #sisters #momsofinstagram #momstyle #dst #pregnant #preggo

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Save Your Baby’s Heartbeat

One of the most precious moments that you enjoy while being pregnant is hearing your baby’s uberfast heartbeat. You hear it in your sleep as you prepare for your little one’s new arrival. I was so excited to know that I could actually save the sound of my baby’s heartbeat in a stuffed animal for me to have forever.

If you are a Mom to Be or you know one, please be sure and get a 3-D Ultrasound and that you go see my girl at her business At First Glance Studio!

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