Is Meghan Markle the Beyonce of the Royal Family?

Is Meghan Markle the Beyoncé of the Royal Family?

Yes, she is.

*Dodging The Beyhive Bricks*

Our Duchess, Meghan, is on a constant slay mission with the utmost class. Since it was announced that she was engaged to Prince Harry all of her Black Girl Magic was on full display. We were all giddy with excitement and we LOVED every moment of that wedding. Especially the music!

In my opinion, Meghan is for sure the Beyoncé of the Royal Family…just shining with grace and humility. I listed a few reasons why.

1. The World Wide Hate is Strong.

People stay hating and she stays winning! When it was announced that Prince Harry asked for Meghan’s hand in marriage people immediately had something to say. Worldwide. From Harry’s ex-girlfriend to the media the streets were talking about the new Black Dutchess.

2. No Media Hoe.

She uses the media and doesn’t let the media use her. She let neither history nor tradition force her into stepping out before the media just after giving birth because she didn’t want to.

3. She Gets It From Her Mama.

The Duchess Mother has her back and raised a Queen before she was the Dutchess. When a woman is strong, there is usually a strong Mother behind her. Miss Tina and Miss Megan’s Mama, Doria Ragland, are cut from the same Queen Mama cloth.

4. All Eyes on The Baby Prize.

Everybody wants to see her children, knowing that they are the golden children. From

Blue Ivy to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor…everybody wants to know what the new baby looks like.

5. Meghan is a Trailblazer!

Being an American actress, a divorcee and and scored the cuter and cooler member of the Royal Family. She says it like she means it, but with an air of sweet strength. She didn’t take the path of other royal spouses. She had her own career and her own mind. She was bred for greatness, not marriage.

6. She is a Risky Fashionista.

I mean Meghan can wear some clothes that make you say, “Hmm…but it looks good on her.” Im not trying to wear a one piece body =suit like Queen Bey, but I love to see her wearing them!

7. She’s Real.

Meghan can show us her real self and we love her even more. When Beyoncé showed that she was struggling post her twins birth. We were all like, “Omg Beyoncé is a Real Person!” When Megan waddled out to show off that new baby with Prince Harry, still looking preggers…I was like I know her struggle.

While Megan is the Duchess of Sussex, Beyoncé is the Queen of The World. We love both of these Classy, Black Girls.

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