If I Could Talk to the 29 Year Old Me About Dating

I have a few younger girlfriends and we always talk about menfolk and how much of a roller coaster that they are. I wish that I had been blessed with a Big Sister a few years older than me who would speak to me candidly. My Mother is awesome, but she is my Mother and wants me to save all this good-good. Now I am all about rationing the good-good….but totally putting it on the shelf until Jesus comes. I am not going to do that.


1. His d*ck isn’t that good, you just don’t know any better.

2. Dating men your age is a waste of time. They know even less about what they want than you do. You will do better meeting a man in his late 30’s who is at the end of his hoe phase and wants to have his second set of children. Trust.

3. K****** is not The One. I know that you really want him to be. He is perfect, just not perfect for you.

4. A man who is driven, loves his family and thinks that you are awesome is the best way to make a choice. Sex and swag might be exciting but there is nothing that feels better than being with your best friend who has your back regardless.

5. Steve Harvey is full of sh*t.

6. Hoes always end up married, but still don’t be a hoe.

7. Do not expect a man to be perfect, since you aren’t either. This includes a belly that is too big or a bank account that is too small. Things that are external or fixable are worth dealing with if their heart belongs to you and is genuine. This does NOT apply to dick size, if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

8. F*ck what other people think. Most of the time your friends are telling you what you should do when they have dated and married the biggest douchebags ever and their lives are WAY more messed up than yours!

9. Your Moms is usually right about men, even when you don’t want to hear it.

10. Don’t waste your pretty. It might seem like it will last forever-but it won’t. Score that 38 year old man while you are 28, he will not be feeling you as much when you are 38. Trust.

There is much more, but I have already exposed a LOT of truth.

What would you tell your 29 year old self if you could whisper into your ear?

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