How to Act When You Go to Court! #CourtroomCourtesy

Going to Court is a serious thing. From tickets to going to prison court is serious and not something to take lightly. However, as somebody who works in a courtroom every day I see some of the most egregious violations and bad courtroom behavior. Let me help you help yourself before going to court.

1. Be well dressed.
You do not have to dress in a suit and tie, but you should take some time to get yourself dressed. Do not wear jeans, do not wear sneakers or flip flops, do not wear sweats. Somebody is looking at you and their job is to JUDGE you. Give them something positive to look at.

2. Do not wear any fragrance.
At all. Courtrooms can be much smaller than you think. There is nothing worse than trying to concentrate on a case and the facts than when your nose is disrespected by Old Spice or White Diamonds.

3. Be on time.
If you are late then there is already a little unfair weight on your scale. Just be on time, prepare the day before. Most times when you are late for court the most favorable decision is not yours without you even having to be seen.

4. Don’t get all mouthy.
Say what you have to say, but nobody cares about your attitude least of all the judge. Remember that he/she is seeing many people per day just like you. Be respectful and keep it as simple and as honest as possible.

5. Have Representation.
If you can, have representation. There are simple things that legal representation help you with. The more severe your case, the more important it is that you have representation.

6. Make sure that your hair is not a distraction.

Big hair is not a win. Women, wear your hair in a bun, men have your hair clean cut and pulled back if its not close to your head.

7. Speak up.
Low talkers are frustrating and nobody can hear you-even when there are speakers. If you are speaking lowly, you do not seem like a submissive person, you just seem like you don’t have the confidence to discuss what happened or what is happening. It could also translate to dishonesty, something that you do not want to be in court.

Basically, do not give the judge any OTHER reason to not give you a favorable decision. If you have any other court etiquette questions please reach out to us at and we are happy to answer you back and share Manners Moments with other people!

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