Digital Rules in the Delivery Room

Do you Have Digital Rules in the Delivery Room? I do.

Now that I am getting closer to the actual delivery (I am 37 weeks and 3 days at the time of this writing), I am contemplating everything from more life insurance to what to put in this hospital delivery bag…which I have not packed.

I am very concerned about Digital Rules in the Delivery Room and beyond. As a very private person with a lot of internet friends I DO love sharing updates with my people. However, Sweet Pea is not my new hairstyle, dress or even my new book. I am a first time mom and very protective over this blessing that the Lord has given me.

And, I do not want a lot of people with me at the hospital virtually or in real life. I want to cherish every one of the first moments with my little one when Sweet Pea comes.

I was at a Courage to Earn Retreat and an Already Mom, Liz Porter from More Than Thursdays told she told me that she has digital rules. Say whet? And another of my blogger friends Virginia Duan from Mandarin Mama said that she takes pictures of her children, but does not use their real names online. WHAT? This is a REAL thing? I had no idea that I had to have rules for myself surrounding my new baby AND more importantly rules for other people. As we know people LOVE breaking rules.

Here are a few Digital Rules that I decided to jot down:

1. No T-Dap, No Entry. Letting people know before the baby comes that they are required to take the T-Dap shot if you wish to be around the baby for the first two months of their life. No exceptions. Have you seen the videos of the babies who get whooping cough? That rule will eliminate a lot of the Digital Rules.

2. Let me send out my OWN birth announcements please.

3. Please do not announce on Facebook (or any other Social Media) that my little one has come. Please give me the honor of doing that when and how I choose to do so.

4. Please do not take pictures of the baby for use online. Just don’t. Let me figure out how I would like to iron out Social Media.

5. Please do not take a picture that I may send to family and friends only and send it to somebody else in a malicious way. For whatever your reasons are. You know who you are.

6. Please understand if I DO want to flood my timeline sharing pictures of Sweet Pea. Dont judge me. Dont inbox me, dont give me your Mom “suggestions.” I ask a LOT of questions from the people that I trust. If you are NOT being asked a question…I dont want your advice.

7. Please dont be offended when I am very straightforward about my baby, rules for Sweet Peas new life and how we handle it.

I have a feeling that there will be more rules, but these were the ones that initially came to my mind and to my heart.

Hey Already Moms, do you all have any digital rules surrounding your little ones?

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