Classy Black Girl Podcast is Poppin!

Hey Yall! My podcast is poppin! Im doing the whop over here, did I spell that right? Probably not, which is why I should be podcasting and not writing.

I am so excited. I am fired up that my podcast is now appearing on several platforms. What? Who? I really want to talk about the intersections of Black Motherhood and Pop Culture! Between being afraid for my baby growing up in this crazy world and loving all things Black I cannot wait to talk, share and grow as I get ready to become a mother.

You can catch me all over these Internet Podcasting Streets on:

Apple Podcasts
Pocket Casts

Classy Black Girl Podcast on Itunes

…and Stitcher is coming soon!! YEAS!

I hope that you guys follow me on whatever platform you like to listen on…also please let me know what you actually want to hear me talking about….and who you want me to talk to! I will try and get a Podcast out at least every week by Tuesday!…but I will try and do more when

Holla Back!

Sharelle D. Lowery is THE Classy, Black Girl.

Sharelle D. Lowery is Classy and She likes Brunch. From Super Socialite to Super Mom!!...Classy, Black Girl.

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