My Zippy ZTE Tablet Experience! | Tech

My Zippy ZTE Tablet Experience! | Tech

I received a ZTE tablet from AIO wireless to review, however ALL opinions are strictly my own.

My Zippy ZTE Tablet Experience!

I have been an Apple user for some time, but that does not quell my curiosity from growing about the Android sensation that is popping up everywhere.

So when my AIO Wireless people were like-take this baby for a ride, I was down.

ZTE Tablet Zippy Size!

First of all I have to say that I loved how compact it is. The ZTE Tablet fits in my little girl hands perfectly…landscape and vertically! I carry a larger tablet with me everywhere that I go and I was super excited to have the opportunity to carry a little tablet with me and carry a girlier purse!

ZTE Table Compact Size ClassyBlackGirlTech

The device was perfect for viewing and responding to email, keeping my social sites up to date and it performs seamlessly with all of my Google products like my email and photo albums.

The screen size is 7 inches and great for viewing video!

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It takes really great natural light photos as well. I often times need to take quick photos on the go! I was able to whip out my ZTE Tablet, click a photo and GO!

ZTE Tablet Palm Fit TECH

ZTE Tablet Zippy Battery!

Charging tablets is the most frustrating thing about having one…charging takes forever. The ZTE Tablet was awesome in the battery charging time! I found that it charged up fully in less than 2 hours!…and I had it zipped down to 0%.

It is a perfect fit for a new tablet user, somebody who is reviewing content and good for an on-the-go business person. It is also really good for a young person who wants to be mobile and they are finding that their phone is just not enough. This is THE PERFECT Holiday gift!

ZTE Tablet Android AIO Wireless ClassyBlackGirl Tech

I hate to bid this tablet adieu because I was just getting accustomed to the vibrating and the compact quickness that the ZTE tablet offers.

Quick & Dirty ZTE Table Details

7″ screen for easy web browsing
Music player with dual speakers
3 megapixel camera supports images up to 2048 x 1536 pixels
Operating system – Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)

I love the price point $179.99 and the ZTE Tablet provides a perfect way to keep your content updated and to help keep you extremely informed! Check it out online!

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