Why is Beyonce so popular?

Why is Beyonce so popular?

Why is Beyonce so popular?

Last night I spent a few hours with Mrs. Carter and my Best Friend. Or at least that is how it felt.
Beyonce Concert ClassyBlackGirl
Queen Bey is good at making you feel like you are at a big, wild Mardi Gras with her and her friends when you are at her Mrs. Carter concert.
I was watching this crazy, wild concert with lots of booty shaking and my very favorite songs, awesome and werid vignettes between hair, shoes and clothing changes.
It was as I went through her concert experience that I understood why she is so popular. Here are my takes:

Beyonce Dances Just Like You Do in the Mirror

Beyonce Dancing in the Mirror
One reason that Beyonce is so popular is because we love the way that she dances, we all dance like Beyonce in the mirror when we our favorite song comes on. Shaking our booty all dirty and just like we NEVER would in public. But Miss Thang, she does it in public! Honey she puts twerking to shame and she does it in heels. When she becomes Sasha Fierce, all of us become Sasha Fierce.

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Beyonce wears Glittery Clothes

Beyonce in Navy Royal Blue Concert
Child when Beyonce puts on that navy Blue Glittery One Piece(or anything else that she wears that is full of shimmer)…she is EVERYTHING. Every woman imagines that Queen Bey is HER walking around shaking it like a young Donna Summer…with all of that tail!

Beyonce is Loved by Everyone

Beyonce Loved by All
I was literally amazed and had never been to a concert where there was such a cross section of people. Mrs. Carter attracts all ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Everybody comes out for the Beyonce concert-well except for straight men. There are none there, unless their girlfriend made them buy tickets. But who wants to go see Beyonce with their man? You want to go with your girlfriend and pretend you are both Queen Bey shaking it up.

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Real talk though, if Beyonce did an excercise DANCE video…I would buy it and shake a tail feather every day with her!

So why do you love Beyonce?

Yours in Beyonce,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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