Versus | In Defense of the Weave:  Weaves V. Natural Hair

Versus | In Defense of the Weave: Weaves V. Natural Hair

So as a former weave wearing sister, I say former because this is the LAST time that I am going to sew ANYTHING into my head again, I will always have love for how those Indian.Chinese.Russian.Brazillian locks fell past my shoulders and I could shake my head like I was in a Rio commercial.

I am always going to defend the weave wearing Sista because I love them…the Sistas AND the weaves!!

I have embraced the “natural hair” phenomenon.  And I am in love with how it makes me feel, but I believe that all of the years that Natural hair was looked down upon has made natural hair sistas feel a little uppity now that the Natural look is more in style.  And talking about Natural Hair sometimes makes women on both sides argue like the Jigaboo’s versus the Wannabee’s in Spike Lee’s School Daze.  In the same way that we have other REAL issues to discuss, they should have been headed to class!

I am in defense of the weave wearing Sistas.  Here is why:

Just because you wear a weave:

  • You are not less of a Sista
  • You are not trying to be white
  • You are not disrespecting your roots or your natural hair
  • You are not confused
  • Does not mean that you are not ALSO a Natural Hair Sista

Wearing a weave may be an indication that:

  • You may be protecting hair that chemicals have annihilated
  • You maybe exercising your options as a versatile Sista and you may not want to dye your natural hair that sandy honey bronze that you look so good in
  • You like the ease that weaves can offer you while exercising and enjoying an active lifestyle
  • You are also not ready to go natural yet, you have been weaved up for 15 years!
  • You just like weaves-and that is perfectly okay!

As Black Women there are so many issues that divide us, skin color, class, education, married versus not, do not let weather you have extensions in your hair become another irrelevant divisive tool to make us cut our eyes at each other.  Hair weaves are like a tube of lipstick in your favorite color raspberry red or like a pair of high heel shoes that you feel sexy in.  They merely enhance ones standard of beauty.  In the same way that Natural Hair Sistas feel offended that Weave Wearing Sistas throw those silky locks in their faces, Weave Wearing Sistas are now getting the brunt from Natural Hair Sistas throwing those big coils in their faces.

Let us embrace all of the ways that we choose to showcase our beauty, one of the most awesome things about being a Black Woman is that I can be so versatile.  From an Angela Davis Afro on Monday to Blonde waist-length goldilocks on Wednesday night Bible Study!

And not an ounce less a Black Woman.

In defense of-my beauty.