A Lot of Us Need a Whole Lot of Upgrading

A Lot of Us Need a Whole Lot of Upgrading

So Im not sure if this will ever see the internet light of day, because its 2:51 am and I don’t know if I am being classist or adult.

Tonight was the K.Michelle concert and while I got her interview, the biggest news(at least for me anyway), was that ClassyBlackGirl.com is not appropriate for a LOT of Black women.  I was so disappointed and clearly I have been in a bubble for some time.  I do not know if it is because of age or bourgeois beginnings or a mixture of both.

I have been to tons of events where I am “interviewing the celeb.”  It is always fun, I usually get to be seated in a comfortable environment, look at the celebs talent onstage and get an opportunity to snag a great interview.  But whilst in VIP I was constantly hit on, and bumped into by men and women who were “hood” to say the least.  One chick actually bent over and grinded her drunken hind parts into this old mans crouch and I was only thinking, “Lord don’t let her lacefront come off.”  And this was in VIP!…I cannot imagine what was happening on the floor, as I never ventured down there.

It lead me to sit in front of my laptop and say, “We have a long way to go.”

So instead of simply complaining and turning my little nose up I wanted to know what I personally could do to make it better, could I write something, offer a class or simply give a few talks?  But then I realized that people who are not looking for anything more than a cuss fest are not going to be interested in my siditty classes.

So I am actually going to reach out and ask my readers, what can I do, what can WE do to upgrade the level of class among people of color?  The lack of knowledge of how to properly conduct yourself in social situations stops us from learning, getting better jobs and professional opportunities.  This behavior also keeps us in the box that hiders our growth and continues to allow ignorant people to see Black Women as one-dimensional.

Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are seen as the exception and not the rule.  I do realize that I was at a concert for a reality TV star on one of the most oppressive shows on reality television, and that fact hit me like a ton of bricks when I entered the facility.  However, I was not aware that this was a persisting issue.  I kinda felt like, that’s just TV.  Apparently, its not.

I look forward to your feedback and pray that we can constantly be working on Upgrading Ourselves.

Classily Yours,


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