The Best Man Holiday Message God is the Greatest

The Best Man Holiday Message God is the Greatest

Best Man Holiday a Surprise!

As I was getting ready to go see the Best Man Holiday I knew that I would be in for some good looking men, good weaves, and college memories. The cast from the Best Man Holiday is JUST about my age and the music, situations and men all remind me of good times-and this film did NOT disappoint!

Best Man Holiday Friendship is Essential to the Soul

My Pre Best Man Holiday Tweet:


I did not anticipate that I would leave the theater with “God is the Greatest” in my heart, like a I had tweeted before this excellent and well written film, but I did.

Best Man Holiday Nia Long Taye Digs

Friendship is Essential to the Soul

This movie shared with me something that I have always known, but not always felt or demonstrated that Friendship is Essential to the Soul. And not conditional friendship either. But the real, “I got you when you really need me.” type of friendship.

Oh Yeah Morris Chestnut was playing the Bruhs, is he one in real life?

I left feeling like LOVE…LOVE is so necessary. And that real love is the God that we see in each other, in our loved ones and in our children. The children in the Best Man Holiday reminded me that love is everything and that we should love like little children. There is something about Christmas that always does something to me, but the Best Man Holiday brought every single emotion that I was remotely feeling to the top of my chest.

Best Man Holiday was a Surprise!

Mostly I thought about forgiveness and offering love before you expect anything in return. Giving more than you give and the preciousness of life and genuinely good people.

We may all experience fortune and sometimes even a little bit of fame. But when a friend asks what you need, before you ask them or when a baby is born or when we forgive somebody who has taken from us what is most precious and we can still love them anyway…that is when you know that God is the Greatest, because we could not do it as basic human beings wrapped in flesh.

I totally thought that I was going to recap with Morris Chestnust naked swoons and even a few Terrence Howard OMG’s, but the real beauty in this film was Mia.
the-best-man-holiday new edition classyblackgirl fine men

Please go see this film-this weekend.

I am actually going to see it again myself this weekend. It was THAT good!…and surprisingly it was better than the first.

PS…and it didn’t hurt that there were Sorors in the film! *smile*…you know, the Good Reds.

I want to thank each and every person who clicked this link and clicks all of the time. If you take nothing else from this post and this site please take that: God is the Greatest.

Happy Holidays,
Sharelle D. Lowery

And YES I will have a juicier recap later…stay tuned!

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