The Best Man Holiday: Coleman Love

The Best Man Holiday: Coleman Love

The Best Man Holiday: Coleman Love

I don’t really write about my Sorority experience much. I suppose that I feel like some things are not for public consumption, especially sensitive matters and matters close to my heart. For me, Delta is both of those. This weekend I went to go see the film, “The Best Man Holiday” and three of the characters portrayed were members of Black Greek Letter Organizations or like me and my friends say, “Black Greeks.”

In the movie there was a bit of lightweight allusion to the fact that Mia and Shelby are Delta’s(members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.) and that Lance(Morris Chestnut’s character) is a Que(a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.). Lance seriously and appropriately discussed that “Friendship is Essential to the Soul.” This pledge was so appropriate because this is a cardinal principle of Omega Psi Phi and of the Best Man franchise.

Coleman Love

I loved how the writers weaved Black Greekness lightly into the storyline. The fact that the married couple (Mia and Lance) at the heart of the film are Soror and Frat make everything even more beautiful and likeable. When a Delta and a Que get married, an angel gets his wings and we call it Coleman Love. Frank and Edna Coleman, both esteemed and founding members of our organizations married thus inventing: Coleman Love.

Coleman Love Mia and Lance Best man holiday fixed

Greeks ARE Good!

Lately in the news and on the lips of people trying to make noise, Black Greek letter organizations have become the “groups to trash.” And rarely are we revered in a loving way. Our underground hazing and lack of community effectiveness are always noted and our service rarely uplifted.

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My Sands

I adored how Mia called Shelby, “Sands.” and it warmed my heart to see the African Violet placed appropriately at the end of the film. It reminded me of a particular Sands of mine that just loves ME anyway, blonde hair, red lip stick, tight clothes, betty boop walk and all.

Coleman Love Sands Best Man Holiday

I actually ran home and called that very Sands to tell her that I loved her. You know, when you have a real “Sands” you are very sensitive to somebody else saying that word-like your own name.*smile*

I pray that when the time comes that my African Violets will be appropriately placed by my Sands.

african violet best man holiday delta sigma theta coleman love omega psi phi


Sharelle D. Lowery
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Xi Chi Chapter
Spring 1997

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