Summertime Smooth Skin at Walgreens with Hot Legs!

Summertime Smooth Skin at Walgreens with Hot Legs!

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I am trying to look good all of the time! Being scary hairy from legs to underarms is a no go. However, I am sensitive and need a painless hair removal solution. I also want that solution to be:

  • Cost effective and quick
  • An home hair removal solution for convenience
  • Something that moisturizes my skin

I was prepping to get ready to go out to enjoy some sunshine with a college friend when I realized that I had some upkeep to take care of! My underarms were all wrong.

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I like to be able to wear tank tops and summer dresses. That often means that your underarms come up for a familial embrace or if your favorite song comes on at a concert! Either way being hairy is not a good look nor is it feminine. The most beautiful summertime accessory is smooth skin.

So what do you do? I have always been interested in hair removal creams so I hightailed it over to Walgreens!

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I saw Hot Legs flying off of the shelves and it was only $6.95, I grabbed one of the last boxes and made a bee line back to the house to get my underarms under control.

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After I applied the Hot Legs I noticed how smooth that my hands felt. I have to admit, I tried it on my feet as well. I realize that Hot Legs is for hair removal and that you should always follow the directions-but my hands and feet feel like I got the best mani-pedi of my life!…and the smell is pleasant as well.

I have used other hair removal products before and when I used them I must admit that I experienced some pain and there was still hair left over. Hot Legs was quickly effective and it was very soothing and gentle! I even had to show my Sisters and they are eager to try Hot Legs as well.

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I am so excited to get out to this weekends sunshine events and I can raise my hands as much as I want!

No Pain, no razor bumps and it didn’t break my bank!

Its So Nice to Be Summer Smooth!

Its So Nice to Be Summer Smooth!

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