Side Chick Quotes (+VIDEO)

Side Chick Quotes (+VIDEO)

So you guys know how I feel about Side Chicks and the like.
Side chicks and the taken men that they kick it with are awful and shameful.

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I have come up with 10 Side Chick Quotes, stuff that side chicks say to their girlfriends to make their side-chickness not seem like they get sidelined.

PLUS a Bonus what a Side Chick says to her dude…don’t be mad at me if you holler!

Enjoy and if you EVER find yourself saying ANY of these statements, you are the side chick honey.

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Side Chick Quotes

1. He is just staying for the kids.

Nobody stays for the kids. They stay because they simply want to and they are not ready to break up.

2. Its a bad time for him.

It is a bad time when you have sex with him though? Yeah, I didn’t think so. It’s a great time for him, he is having his cake(his wife) and eating it too(you).

3. He doesnt even like her.

But he likes you tho?…and he won’t leave her? Hmmm… *catch this side-eye*

4. I dont want to be married to him, I like our relationship.

Girl if you liked your relationship the way that it is, him seeing you when its convenient, then you wouldn’t even be reading this article.

5. Im not ready to meet his family yet.

Oh you mean his wife? Chile please, when a man likes you-it doesn’t take much time for him to introduce you to his family. If you are 90 days in, and talking daily, and you haven’t at least met a sibling or an uncle-get your life.

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6. Our sh*t is different.

Even married couples think that what they have is different, its not and your not.

7. He stays with her because she pays all of the bills.

And you want a man that would leach off of any woman…and proudly tell you that’s why he cannot be in a committed relationship with you?

8. This ring means something!

Oh the gumball machine ring that he gave you that you cant wear on your ring finger because your Mother will get excited thinking that you have stopped your whoring ways? You betta gone with that.

9. Ohhh…I gotta go, he is calling me.

We all want to cater to our men-but if you have to go because he is calling…because he can’t talk while he is at home…*smh*

10. If he doesn’t get his stuff together, I’m going to leave him.

No you are not, because the one that needs to get their stuff together is YOU.

>>> “When are you going to tell her?”

Neva heffa!!!…Im just going to replace you when you start freaking out!

I hope that this made you laugh or at least made you think.

Find Your Own Man. Enjoy the Video.

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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