Scandal: A President that Dont Want to Be Kept

Scandal: A President that Dont Want to Be Kept

So I just finished watching this weeks episode of Scandal “A Woman Scorned” and I was on pins and needles the whole time! It was exciting, sexy, romantic and Liv was wearing the white honey!! The gloves and the purse were positively classy.

I have something to ask Mellie: I would like to know why Mellie wants to keep a man(President Fitz) that doesnt want to be kept?

Aint in Love Scandal, ClassyBlackGirl

Keeping a wandering man is a tough business to be in.

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And to quote @Luvvie,

“Mellie was TRULY fighting an uphill battle. Bless her heart. She’s Mimi to Olivia’s Joseline. #HeyMaid”

When a man wants to quit you, you gotta just let that go. You cannot bargain with a man that is getting Coco Vino either. His mind is not complete, all that he is thinking about is Coco and Vino.

Liv Thighs

I mean yes I am all for stand by your man. And I am the official Side Chick Hater, but when a man lets you leave for his Side Chick, you have lost.

Its no longer even about you being a wife, you are a nuisance…and there is no love in that! That’s a Scandal!

Fitz Drinks

But girl(to Mellie) there comes a point of no return where you have to say, this isnt going to work for me. Not even just because of HER(Her would be anything Brown: Oilvia Pope or His Brandy), but because your “man” continues to put all of these things before you and your relationship. And as a wife, I come FIRST. If not, my alimony check just better be here by the first.

If a man asks you for a divorce, he isn’t searching for attention, like how women do. He really wants to divorce your tail. You should really be on the “let him go” tip.

I want to know what Mellie’s next move is going to be! I mean, 22 minutes came and left.

Side Bish We Love...

Side Bish We Love…

Never mind whats going to happen to Fitz, whats going to happen to HER?? What will her children think, what will she do?
Her days redecorating the White House are over, all for a power play.

Oh Mellie.

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