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Lifestyle: Warm Fresh Ground Coffee on a Busy Cold Morning

Lifestyle: Warm Fresh Ground Coffee on a Busy Cold Morning

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There is nothing that I enjoy more than a warm cup of fresh ground coffee on a brisk morning. It’s cold outside, I have a sweater on and that warm coffee just gets me going!

Rubi Kiosk Coffee

I have been seeing Rubi Kiosks in several grocery stores, and as I was walking into the grocery store this weekend I decided to take the kiosk plunge.  It was Sunday, National Coffee Day, it simply seemed appropriate!

Fresh Ground Coffee As Seen

The Pumpkin Spice looked delicious so I went for it!

Rubi Kiosk Pumpkin Spice

Getting Seattle’s Best Coffee from the Rubi Kiosk was actually fun and the machine gave me animated directions on how to get my fresh brewed coffee to me made to order.

Check out my Video on Some of the FUN!

I was throughly amazed at the fact that I was able to get a FULL Cup of Coffee for 8 Quarters! WHAT!!!…I am all about the coffee-life, however 6 bucks a day for a cup of coffee can be a major strain on the budget, but 2 bucks a day I can swing!…especially if I do not have to wait in line. Did I mention for my coffee snobs, that this is no “coffee in a machine” this is Fresh Ground Coffee…like being ground right there in the machine while you order…you can even hear it!!!

8 Quarters #Rubi2Go

It was a nice addition as I did a bit of grocery shopping! I even grabbed a cup on the way out.
You can get your own free cup of coffee code by texting BEAN2CUP to 727272!

Fresh Brewed Coffee Vanilla

The great part of discovering the Rubi Kiosk is that I kept going back again and again, I even went to the Rubi Kiosk late one night after all of the coffee shops were closed-it was a late night work session-I needed Fresh Brewed Coffee! I now have a NEW place to score great, fresh brewed coffee! It’s uber fast AND it’s an uber great price.

They even sent me coupons in my email so I almost never pay full price which is already soooo good as it is! I follow Rubi Kiosks on Twitter, you should too. 

The Kiosk even says Thank You when your coffee is ready!
Rubi Kiosk Thank You

Yours in Coffee,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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