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How to Prep your Natural Hair for a Holiday Weekend! #WantThatHair

How to Prep your Natural Hair for a Holiday Weekend! #WantThatHair

I have been working super hard for the past few months with very little time out and about. Not only has my social life suffered but my beauty life has kinda been put on the back burner too. My nails haven’t been polished, my skin hasn’t been olive oiled up and my natural hair has been a bit neglected. #wantthathair #clevergirls #pantene Natural hair ClassyBlackGirl

So Many Parties, So Much Hair!

I have been invited to not only one but two holiday parties this weekend and I refuse to go looking less than gorgeous. So I have committed to polishing my nails, giving my skin a facial and using Pantene’s hair line to get fabulous!

“When my hair is looking good, that is my ultimate beauty accessory.”

Having natural hair means that you have lots of options of how you can wear your hair, in a bun, big and wild or even straight with a little bit of heat. No matter how I decide to wear my hair I need to make sure that my “pre-care” is handled. I like to do my hair prep in the bathroom so that I can take advantage of the steam to maintain the moisture from the roots to the ends. Here is the beauty haul that I need when taking my hair from dry and neglected back to fly and fierce: #wantthathair #clevergirls #sponsored ClassyBlackGirl.com #pantene Natural hair Truly Natural Hair

My Natural Hair Recipe and Routine

Here is my recipe: Pantene Truly Natural Hair Clarifying Shampoo Pantene Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner Pantene ProV BB Cream Pantene Truly Natural Hair Argan Oil Pantene Truly Natural Defining Curls Styling Custard Plastic Styling Cap Wide Tooth Comb More About My Pantene Products! Here is my routine: 1. Make sure that you have enough time to care for your hair. 2. Wash your hair thoroughly with the Clarifying Shampoo and make sure that you get as much dirt out of your hair as possible. 3. After you rinse the shampoo completely out of your hair use the deep conditioner liberally and put the plastic styling cap over your hair and let it steam for 5-20 minutes. 4. Rinse the Conditioner and add a liberal amount of the BB Cream. This is where you decide how you are going to wear your hair for the next few days. I tend to be a wash and wear girl but with the parties coming up I wanted to be extra mindful of having a really beautiful look. I have decided to wear it curly for the next few days. Curly hair never looks it’s best until its dry and it always takes at least 24 hours to get fully dry-or at least mine always seems to take that long. Note: Do not wash your hair at night because you do not want to go to sleep on wet hair and it will dry flat and you will end up with the worse wet pillow!

Setting My Hair Up for Weekend Success!

So I may wear it big and curly for the parties, but I’m thinking that I want an elegant natural up do. I always like to coat my hair with a mixture of Argan Oil and the defining Curls Styling Custard. The great thing about the Custard is that is makes my curls pretty and defined but it doesn’t get hard. So if I DO wear it up, my hair will still be soft and easily moldable! This is my curly casual look that I wore when for an ice skating party and how I will rock it until Friday Night and I decide how to wear my hair! #wantthathair #clevergirls #sponsored #Sharelle D. Lowery ClassyBlackGirl Pantene Natural Hair Everywhere I go I keep hearing girls say, “I want that hair!” …and it smells sooooo good-my babe loves holding me close! Make sure that you check out my post featuring my actual looks from this weekend! See more of my Natural Looks on Instagram! Tell me how you prep your natural hair for the holidays or any special occaisions and WIN this box on your door step! Enter the contest!! #wantthathair #clevergirls ClassyBlackGirl Pantene Win Contest Sharelle D. Lowery Natural Hair a Rafflecopter giveaway
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