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Has Porsha Stewart Been Fired From Real Housewives of Atlanta? #RHOA

Has Porsha Stewart Been Fired From Real Housewives of Atlanta? #RHOA

Now here is some dirty tea…

Porsha Stewart Fired ClassyBlackGirl.com

I was on the inter webs and the rumor is that Porsha Stewart has been STRAIGHT-UP FIRED from Real Housewives of Atlanta!
As rumor has it…
She was fired EARLY this week! Supposedly Bravo executives stated that,

“Porsha is a mix of boring and annoying, [and] neither is good for TV.”


Well, while I am Clutching the Pearls…

This is probably TWO of the reasons that this little Barbie doll face girl is now divorced.

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Do NOT look at me like that…you know that you are thinking the same thing.
If we are honest with ourselves, while we hate to admit it…Porsha Stewart is NOT the ONLY Housewife that should be chopped.


The show in itself is a little boring these days. Mama Joyce is keeping us excited now that Kenya Moore is talking about her absentee Mama (its very Nene, Season 2…yawn).

There were rumors at the end of last season that Porsha Stewart was not coming back on, but these stories seem to be a bit more confirmed. I will be on the lookout. According to my sources… Porsha’s pink slip will be announced officially by December 20th by Bravo Execs! So I will be on pins and needles All Day waiting to see if it’s really true.

Am I sad that Porsha Stewart might be kicked to the reality tv curb?
Nah, she thought that the Underground Railroad was…. Nevermind. I love her weave hair, but whats underneath it has me thinking to myself-she must have a small brain.
I would understand an uneducated chick maybe being poorly read(especially if she had less opportunities)…but this girl is Josea Williams grandaughter(how many times has she mentioned it) AND she is a college grad-I think.

If this isn’t true, Im sorry for getting you all gassed up about Porsha getting fired. But if it IS true! You got the TEA Early!!

In her own words,

Bye Ashy.

Okay this was dirty,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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