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Do You Need a Friendship Time Out?

Friendships can be as enjoyable or as taxing as any romantic relationship. If you look at your phone when your home girl calls and you roll your eyes, you may need a friendship time out or a friendship break. …I’m not talking about your boo who you call your “friend” …I mean your homegirl…maybe even your bestie. Yep, that BFF…

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My Favorite Pregnancy Apps

As a first time “geriatric Mom” you are pulling for straws (and information) simply trying to figure out exactly what is happening to your body and if it’s normal. This is when you need pregnancy apps! When I had implantation bleeding, I didn’t lose my mind because I learned about it online before it actually happened to me. It is…

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Are Single Moms Undateable?

Life is funny you know. Telling the men-friends in your life that you are pregnant. Here is my story of telling two men that I care for. I was twelve weeks and it was time. The first one was my ex. I was fully in love with this gentleman. However he didn’t want to have children-ever. He also had changed…

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