Olympics 2012 | Michael Phelps | Luis Vuitton

Olympics 2012 | Michael Phelps | Luis Vuitton

So Sue me, I had to share these Haute Pix with you.  Most women worth their Salt have already seen these pictures, but as a Lady who considers herself an Expert in Luxury, Style and Class I was basically required to share with you the pics of Michael Phelps posing for Luis Vuitton.  His confidence and amazing athletic skill kept us up late at night excited every time that he copped another Gold Medal!  The most decorated Olympian of ALL TIME definitely gets My Gold Medal with that Washboard flat 6-pack and Uppper Class Sense of Self(dare I say something as played as Swag.).

At 27 years old Michael Phelps has been a part of our Olympic dreams for the past 3 Olympics and while he has sworn off competing at the Olympic level we hope that he does not swear off those crunches or looking good in Dapper Suits as he promotes the Luxury Brand’s new Core Values Campaign.

 ”I don’t really notice it. When I go out, go to dinner, I go out with friends, and we stay to ourselves. I don’t think of myself as a sex symbol. My mom is by far the most important woman in my life.”  

Says Phelps about dating and female attention.  **side-eye** He knows that he is hot!


Famed Photographer Annie Liebowiztz was the lucky girl who was chosen by Vuitton to showcase him in his signature Black Speedo’s and googles soaking in a tub, Vuitton casually laying next to him impressing all of us.   Okay, maybe its the Abs that are impressing us and that drive!

Following in the footsteps of fellow American Gold Medalist and Olympian, Muhammad Ali, who also appeared in LV advertisements in an initiative launched in 2007 putting the spotlight on exceptional people of global notoriety ranging in professions and backgrounds who beyond their celebrity status, “are individuals who are widely recognised to have lived full and interesting lives.”

Enjoy These Men Of Class!