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  • Oliva Pope would love this Gnarly Head Zinfandel on Scandal! #RedWine
Oliva Pope would love this Gnarly Head Zinfandel on Scandal! #RedWine

Oliva Pope would love this Gnarly Head Zinfandel on Scandal! #RedWine

So not that I live my life by “What Would Olivia Pope Do?” (okay, sometimes I do)…but I know that if given the opportunity that Olivia Pope would totally love to sip this amazing 2012 Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel that I am into right now!

Olivia Pope Red Wine Gnarly Head Classy Black Girl CBG191310 USE

We all know that Olivia Pope, from ABC’s Hit Drama Scandal, is currently THE tastemaker among women period. That white jacket that she stunningly wore on the first episode of this season was sold out before the clock struck midnight!….on that DAY!

So, notorious Red Wine Drinker that she is, I know that she would love this amazingly strong and sexy Zinfandel. This Zin is powerful and dances across your tongue and makes me very happy!

Olivia Pope would think that its Gnarly Too

Olivia Pope is nothing if she is not thorough and she would choose Gnarly Head Zinfandel because it is hand-harvested in the cool of night from vines over 80 years old-so Scandalous. In case you wanted to know why they are called Gnarly Head-the vines are free standing and “head-trained” that resemble wild bushes with twisted old trunks and branches that spread out in all directions like Gnarly Wild natural hair!

Gnarly Head CBG191310 Zinfandel Classy Black Girl

This Gnarly Zin has a deep, rich and burnt rose color. But the smell is rather light for a Red, but very fragrant.

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Zinfandel for Din Gnarly Head

Regarding Reds…it’s always a toss up with me my favorite wines are Zinfandel and Malbec’s….but tonight the Zin’s Win because this Gnarly Head Wine killed it and I savored every last drop!

Find out more about this wine by checking them out online at Gnarlyhead.com

Drinking a Bottle of Red Right Now…

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