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Clutch the Pearls: 16 Things that Sorority Girls Should NEVER wear in their Nalia!

Clutch the Pearls: 16 Things that Sorority Girls Should NEVER wear in their Nalia!


All Four Fabulous Black Greek Letter Sorority Dolls

Get Your Own Sorority Doll! Photo Courtesy, Nicole Roseman Graves

As a girl who loves her Black Sorority and Black Greek life I realize that there are some traditions and protocols that are going unchecked and some class that is falling to the wayside.  

I have seen some things that I know would make ANY of our Founders want to press a few of our dear Sorors!  So here is a list that I, ClassyBlackGirl have compiled to help us all keep the respect of our Sorors, Founders and selves as we proudly wear our Nalia.  I am not saying that there are not other rules but these are pretty blaring!  While we all have our own seperate sets of Protocols, this is a general list that we can ALL take, employ and share with Neos!

1. Camo- Yes, we all love the Bruhs(the gentlemen of Omega Psi Phi)

but Camoflauge pants, hats and purses are a part of their nalia (and traditions) not ours. And if you feel like Bruh-jocking, do it under your own name-not your Sorority.

2. The other color. Whatever the OTHER color is. You will never catch me wearing my Delta pin over a Pink or Blue shirt…it’s just blasphemy!

3. Booty shorts. Even if your booty looks great!

4. Flip Flops, I love flip flops, but they are the ultimate in lazy footwear.  Not appropriate for your letters.

5. Rollers, this should be self explanatory.  This also includes that head scarf that you wear to bed that you think could pass as Neo Soul Fashion.  Its a No Go Boo.

6. A Nasty Mouth, this means what you take in and what you spit out…no weed smoking IN your letters and no CUSSING out when you have them on.

7. Raggedy Gym Clothes.  Nalia is great for running a marathon or running errands in the neighborhood!…But if you are going to the gym and you wear leggings with holes in them…opt for an old navy t-shirt not one with your letters emblazoned on them.

8. Gold Fronts or gold teeth of any kind.

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9. Dirty Clothes, clothes with stains on them, coffee, food, etc.  If your Nalia has stains that can not be removed-destroy it, and please don’t give it to the less fortunate!

10. Pajama Bottoms, while this may be the current style its out of line for Sorority girls with(or without) letters on.  Pajamas are for bed, not class, the Quad or the grocery store.

11. Uncombed Hair.  Please make sure that your hair is well put together when you are repping your Sorority.

12. More Nalia…double nalia is ridiculous.  Do not wear a t-shirt, hat, necklace AND a pin.  And help those with the shoes.

13. Any pants with words on the rear end.  In your Letters??…Clutch the Pearls!…and clothes with profanity on them ANYWHERE is not acceptable.

14. See through OR suggestive leggings…even great legs look inappropriate in suggestive leggings when wearing Nalia.

15. A Bare Midriff.  If you have a six pack, flaunt it…just not in your letters.

16. Another organizations letters…joint org t-shirts are wayyyyyyy out of protocol.  And a Delta Sigma Theta / Omega Psi Phi T-shirt should simply NOT exist.  Liscense plates are pushing it, but a t-shirt can get you WRECKED in some places.

When we wear our letters we are saying something.  We should not be saying Delta, AKA, Zeta or Lady Sigma when we are showing Ratchet, Unkempt, Lazy or Thoughtless.  When you walk out of your home you are a walking billboard of Black Women, People of Color AND Your Sorority, whether you are wearing your letters or not!   Let that billboard be one that your prophytes and National President would be proud of!

Please feel free to share your own!!…I would love to know your thoughts!!

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery | Delta Sigma Theta

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