#NaBloPoMo 10 Tips to Blogging Daily!

#NaBloPoMo 10 Tips to Blogging Daily!

So I decided in October that I was going to open my new Blog, ManTrapMeals.com and write once a day on ClassyBlackGirl.com.
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This seems like a simple enough task. Well, I have to say it was not as easy as I thought that it would be, here are my 10 tips, and I have 5 more days to go, for getting through the Blogging Every Day hustle:

1. Change your mindset.


Instead of thinking that this is going to be a beast of burden to tackle, realize that it is NOT easy, but that blogging daily can be done and there should actually be joy in most of the process.

2. When you have any possible topic to write about, write it down!

Sometimes we lose the best thoughts because we think that we will remember them or that we will even retain the good points of a topic hours later. Use your tablet, phone or a napkin, but write your thoughts down as soon as they come.

3. Breathe.

Yes, those moments when you come home from a party and realize that yesterday was your last post…and that you have in fact NOT blogged today and it is 10:30…or worse…11:30. Breathe and write. Remember you can hit publish, go back and make some changes so that you get that blog post in TODAY!

4. Prepare.

Some of the above mentioned issues can be avoided if you actually prepare an editorial calendar and write towards it. Most days I was writing for that day or maybe one day out. But writing every day has also taught me discipline and that if I can write one blog post, I can probably write two.

5. Be creative.

Be Creative

I actually did a chandelier decor post, so nobody actually read it, but I loved it and it was my hand at interior blogging. You will undoubtedly learn more about yourself during this process! As you get further into it, you will also realize that quitting is positively NOT an option-so blog on.

If you want to see the chandelier post click here>>> CLICK!

6. Read other peoples blogs.

I realized that I was a selfish blogger. I write and I would read a few of my girlfriends blogs, but I would never really read other peoples blogs, and honestly I wasn’t even really reading their blogs-just skimming them. That’s not friendly and who can learn by skimming? I started reading other peoples blogs and commenting…low and behold…I started getting comments…I had posts with almost NO comments all of the time. Now I was getting comments!

7. Be consistent.

No really. Writing was always on my mind so I actually wrote 4 blog posts on the same topic, the film Best Man Holiday. One of those posts went viral, it caused another post to go doubly viral and my daily hits went through the roof that I am humbled by how many people read my work. It was that consistency that caused that chain reaction.

8. Be authentic.

Grr…I know, I think that every blogger dreads those words. I mean, what the hell does that mean anyway? Well what it means is that sometimes we are not authentic, sometimes our writing is basically full of sh*t, its not our voice and we are pretty much muppets imitating some other blogger that seems more successful than we are. Yeah, I do it too. When I started allowing myself to write when I felt things deeply, I got the BEST posts. Posts that made me cry, posts that made me regret that I had pushed the publish button because a brand it not going to like it(like the one I wrote about Cindy Crawford), they sometimes make the most impact to others, but most importantly to ourselves. Be F*cking authentic or stop writing.

9. Don’t be competitive.

I am one of the most non-competitive bloggers that you will ever meet because I truly believe that what is for me is for me. And I don’t have to elbow another blogger to arrive. This does not mean that I don’t work hard, but I also don’t busy myself with the thoughts of why my opportunities were not as great as Blogger Diva…it’s her time, celebrate with her and get back to writing.

10. Get a partner in crime.

team up

I didnt have ONE partner in crime I had several. I am a member of a group of Power Bloggers, Pushing Lovely. I told all of them what I was going to do and they just pushed me like crazy to get those daily blogs in! Its like going to the gym, if you know that your friends are going to be there to meet you, its so much more fun to think about going!

Just Blog

I don’t think that there are any tricks to being a good blogger. I do know one thing, we must hustle when it comes to writing. We need to make sure that Google is checking for us and once a week is not going to get it I don’t care how epic your blog is. Especially when there are people who are writing killer content daily…sometimes twice daily….its getting gobbled up!!…let people take in your content by providing it for them!

Let me know how your blogging is going!

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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