Vanity Lounge Glam Bar asks “Are You Wearing Good Weave?”

Vanity Lounge Glam Bar asks “Are You Wearing Good Weave?”

Vanity Lounge Glam bar Malaysian Hair Rocks!

I am a natural hair girl, I have big hair and I have been natural since 1997. I say that with pride because I quit my perm before it was trendy. Since then I have worn a few weaves, wigs and ponytails. And for the most part I made it look good because what else was I going to do? I spent a lot of money buying beauty supply hair some of it was supposed to be human, most of it was basically plastic and I was going from look to look.

Sharelle D. Lowery natural hair

When I met Jessica Mayeux I knew that I had met a diva. She is young, fabulous and does all beauty things with style and excellence! She was telling me about her Salon, Vanity Lounge GlamBar and her new line of extensions. As a beauty girl I was all ears and quickly wanted to find myself in her chair to get a little bit of what she was giving in this silky hair!…y’all know I love a weave.

Check out my metamorphosis from Natural Hair girl to weaved up girl…and the most amazing part was that people have been asking me,

vanity lounge glambar classyblackgirl weave installation

“Is that your hair?”

The hair is so thick and matched my own Unpermed hair. The ladies at Vanity Lounge Glambar are awesome and know how to choose the best hair that matched mine to perfection. Oh and did I also tell you that the bottom tips of my my natural hair is dyed and oh…I wanted Blonde hair and I needed it to blend.
vanity lounge glambar virgin hair

Like Olivia Pope, Jessica handled it.

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Jessica explained to me the difference between a good weft and a bad weft and how Vanity Lounge Glam Bar Hair is superior. We compared the wefts and I was amazed. I was so glad that I had the type of hair that was going to look the best and be the healthiest in MY hair.

Weft Drama Vanity Lounge The Exclusive Glam Bar Classy Black Girl Weaves

Collage vanity lounge glambar jessica mayeux sharelle d. lowery classy black girl

I noticed that my new and fabulous hair not only helped me to get more campaigns with brands, but it also helped me up my Social Media Stats!…I want to send a huge shout to the ladies at Vanity Lounge The Exclusive Glam Bar…I love your hair!…and mine!

Collage Good Hair Vanity Lounge The Exclusive Glam Bar

And just like that…I upgraded my look!

ClassyBlackGirl is going to be upgrading her look regularly and the ONLY person who can touch my brows or hair are the ladies at Vanity Lounge The Exclusive Glam Bar! We will be doing more and you can see the new Tumblr Account with Video, Photos and Real Hair “Informational Posts for Vanity Lounge The Exclusive Gam Bar!

What do YOU think of my hair?

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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