My New Upgraded Skin! …Thanks Eucerin!!

My New Upgraded Skin! …Thanks Eucerin!!

Beautiful Skin without Make-Up Is Soooo Important!

“I have dry skin.”

So there, I said it….admitted it…whatever you want to call it-now you know.
I have tried everything on the market to avoid that scaly, dry and “crackly” feeling, especially on my face…holler if you hear me.

I had finally just settled on plain old Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and it was good for retaining moisture-I think, but heck, my face was so greasy that I didn’t know what it was like under that layer of oil slick that I had created. And putting on makeup was a MESS!!…and NO my babe did not like the smell.

Then I was turned onto Eucerin!!

Queue the Angels to Start Singing

Eucerin was a product that my Mother and grandmother, of course, had used but that I knew very little about besides the packaging.  Upon using it for the first time I noticed that not only did my skin kinda sing and glow a little bit it retained moisture for the rest of the day!!…I touched my skin about bedtime and I was pleased!!

I used the Intensive Repair, Very Dry Skin!!…and how exciting is it that I can use it on my face AND body and not compromise quality.

Eucerin Intensive Repair | Very Dry Skin Lotion


I have been using it consistently for the past few days and I have noticed such a beautiful brightness on my face and a LOT of moisture all over my body!!

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