Manners Monday: #RHOA & Dinner Etiquette

Manners Monday: #RHOA & Dinner Etiquette

So just like you were, last night I was watching Real Housewives of Atlanta!…its my favorite of the Real Housewives Franchise-hands down!

RHOA Late Heffas

RHOA Late Heffas

I love that the Sweet Six are southern belles, and have an institutional set of Manners and built in Etiquette. I feel like Phaedra Parks is my appropriateness twin-well sometimes!

This Episode Should Have been called Social Etiquette, The Good, The Bad and the Nene!

Nene Leaks, who is an Original housewife, now lives in Los Angeles.  Her “friends” the other housewives, came to visit her in Los Angeles and celebrate her success!  Nene rented them a fabulous house (because she didnt want them in her house) and invited them to wonderful catered dinner with guests at her home-but they were the guests of honor!

Their scheduled arrival time was 9 pm, like all of the other guests. Social Etiquette requires that you arrive ON TIME!

The girls actuallly arrived at 11:45ish…almost midnight! #ClutchThePearls

Really, who does that?  This was soooo unmannerable!  And they expected to walk in like Kardashians and start eating.  I am still trying to figure out why one would be 3 hours late? …and with no call or text!!

Nene Leaks told them, that they were NOT welcomed into the house.  I do not blame her. I would have looked out the peep hole and told them to do exactly what they did and roll out to fat burger, because they have fat attitudes!

Kandi Burris, who is clearly trying to secure her place next season on #RHOA, is acting like a fool about eating because Nene now does not want to let them in the house.  They are 3 hours late-no food for you fat thighs!  Who comes to a dinner party 3 hours late, dessert has been served by then.  Nene was actually more gracious than I could have been.

Dinner Etiquette states that you simply BE ON TIME!

Being late has become acceptable. But it is not. Especially among women of color.

“Coming to California did not make us white ladies.”   Phaedra Parks

When did being on time become synonymous with being white or being late = being black?
Some of us do display Etiquette, Miss Phaedra.

Here are a Five Dinner Etiquette Tips:

1. When people invite you to your home, have the decency to be on time. Weather they have cooked or ordered catering, time and money has gone into your meal. Being late is disrespectful.

2. If you are going to be late, you will usually know at least an hour in advance, call and let your host know that you are going to be late. Maybe they can slow down their cooking or spend more time getting themselves ready as well-like you did. P.S. Sending a text is slightly rude and displays cowardice.

3. Be Apologetic when you are late, don’t lie and do NOT have an attitude as if everyone should be excited that you are even in attendance.

4. Do not be offended when people are frustrated with you being late. They have a right to be mad!  Especially if they waited for you.

5. Make sure that you bring a GIFT to soften the late blow. This can make an angry host smile, especially if its a good bottle of wine.

So display some good Dinner Etiquette, be a gracious guest and don’t forget the Thank You Note after the meal.

P.S. It is In Poor Taste to discuss issues at at dinner party that will clearly upset one of the other dinner guests. It’s like an ambush. I am not a big Kenya Moore fan(anymore), but I just feel like all that extra conversation about Walter was rude. And they didnt give a damn. It was very ratchet!

Remember, people do not have to be nice to you!


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