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Lifestyle: Rich People Can Have Project Twins Too #Diddy

Lifestyle: Rich People Can Have Project Twins Too #Diddy

I was scrolling through my Instagram and I saw this photo.

Project Twins CBG191310

At first I was thinking,

“Oh Diddy had triplets.”

Then I realized that no, he didn’t have triplets. He has a slew of Project Twins….okay one set of twins (D’Lila Star and Jesse James) and another little girl(Chance) the same age. We aren’t even talking about his other kids. The awesome thing about Diddy having lots of children is that we know that he can and will take care of them. In fact we know that he treats Kim Porters Son(Al B. Sure is his biological Father), like his own. In fact Diddy has been the only Father Figure that Quincy Brown has ever known.

diddy and quincy brown CBG191310

But when these adorable little girls grow up, they are going to be like…

“we aren’t even 9 months apart…in fact we are the same age, Daddy.”

Well…that’s how Daddy Diddy does it!

Diddy Kim Porter Sarah Chapman CBG191310

I suppose they will understand that they come from a different lineage and that Diddy decided that he was going to be different and that regular rules do not apply to him. After All, he invented the Remix, right?

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Oh, you want to know what Project Twins are?

Let me set the definition for you and where it came from for all of you Suburanites.

Project Twins are children who have the same father, but different mothers. They are also the same age-usually within a few months of each other. This originated from men who were sleeping with more than one woman at one time. When the children are born within a few months of each other(there was no big break up, they were both just kicking it at the same time), they were called Project Twins.

I suppose twins because they were gestating at the same time-just in different wombs.

Rich people do not call them Project Twins, they just call themselves “free.” I do love that Diddy’s women never seem to argue. We see enough of that on Maury and I suppose since Diddy has enough money for everyone and he spends his time equally with all of his women(past and present)…that he can keep his harem happy.

So just letting you guys know that Rich people DO have Project Twins too!

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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