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Lifestyle: My Mom Still Loves Me to Say Happy Birthday with Hallmark!

Lifestyle: My Mom Still Loves Me to Say Happy Birthday with Hallmark!


A Special Birthday Month

October is a busy birthday card month for me-and I love it. In October I celebrate my Grandmother Christell’s birthday, three of my close Sorority Sisters Birthday’s (Leila, Adaroa and Jeanitra) and my beloved Mother, Miss Corrie’s, birthday.

#BirthdaySmiles #shop #cbias CBG191310 Hallmark ClassyBlackGirl

I don’t want to ever miss one moment of spending time with these people that I love on their special days. I have a habit of being a little late with birthday cards(and sometimes I just downright forget), but this year I decided that if I stocked up on my Hallmark birthday cards in September, so that I could enjoy more of my October celebrations. Yes, I said Hallmark, because my Mother has made it perfectly clear to me that the gift is not the most important part-it’s all about the card.

Its All About The Hallmark Card

It’s all about the card because you will forget, outgrow and eventually discard gifts. However birthday cards and the words that are inside of them-are forever. And Miss Corrie(what I call my Mother, in my head at least) let me know that when she turns over the card, that it better be the best-Hallmark.

#BirthdaySmiles #shop #cbias CBG191310 Hallmark ClassyBlackGirl Back REAL

I had the wherewithall to go to Walmart with my Sisters and we did a little bit of birthday card shopping for my Mother’s and friend’s birthdays! We actually made an excursion of it and picked out THE PERFECT cards, for PERFECT people. Walmart’s Hallmark Selection was so extensive that we even grabbed birthday cards and holiday cards for the rest of the year! We were talking loud and taking up the whole aisle, like ClassyBlackGirls do!

#BirthdaySmiles #shop #cbias CBG191310 Hallmark ClassyBlackGirl Sisters REAL

I really appreciated that there were so many options for all three of us since we were card hunting for several different people, there was even a section for $2 cards.

#BirthdaySmiles #shop #cbias CBG191310 Hallmark ClassyBlackGirl Calendar REAL two bucks REAL
These were cool to stock up on, so that I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to remind my peeps that I loved them and ON TIME. Fortunately, I use my Ipad to remember my birthday and other important dates-so all of the birthday’s were at an arms length.

#BirthdaySmiles #shop #cbias CBG191310 Hallmark ClassyBlackGirl Calendar REAL

My Mother scored a surprise birthday party from us and her Sister even came from out of town to celebrate with us. We also gave her the gift of music from some of her favorite artists.

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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