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  • Really Kordell Stewart Files for DIVORCE from #RHOA Porsha Stewart??
Really Kordell Stewart Files for DIVORCE from #RHOA Porsha Stewart??

Really Kordell Stewart Files for DIVORCE from #RHOA Porsha Stewart??

Kordell Stewart Files for Divorce from Porsha Stewart!

So I’m giving Kordell Stewart major side eye. He is Black, but he damn sure ain’t Classy.

Kordell Stewart has been the Uber controlling old man husband of the cute and not too bright Classy Black Girl Porsha Stewart. Most of us know Kordell as the Former Pittsburg Steeler… #whatever

But many of us also know him as the Jerk off of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, married to 26 year old stylish, grand-daughter of Civil Rights Patriarch Hosea Williams.

Porsha said that she learned about the divorce filing on a Blog!! #ClutchThePearls

And Kordell is talking about he “aint paying her a dime!”….and that Porsha is able-bodied enough to make her own money. And he didn’t really make any money while they were married. Truthfully, Porsha does have her own money, but only about half a million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth.

According to AP

In a divorce petition filed Friday in Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, Stewart says his marriage to Porsha Williams is ”irretrievably broken” and the two are separated. The pair appears on Bravo’s ”The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
The filing says the two married on May 21, 2011, and have no children together.
Stewart asks the court to find there are no marital assets to divide. He says Williams is ”an able-bodied person, earning income, and is capable of supporting herself.” He asks that neither side be ordered to pay alimony.

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Stewart was a sensation in Pittsburgh in the late 1990s and was nicknamed ”Slash” for his versatility as quarterback, running back and wide receiver.

I guess that she no longer has a picture perfect life. #Shade

Now the rumor is that he is on the DL. So does he join to Walter Club? What Say You!!??

Somebody get Porsha a tissue, I dont want to see that girl crying. Thank Goodness that they didnt have a child together, this can be clean and she can be on to the next. I guess she wont be asking women about their husbands anymore.

The Rub: Kenya Moore Tweets her support for Porsha. Ha!

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