Kandi Burris… | Can’t Stay Prayed Up?

Kandi Burris… | Can’t Stay Prayed Up?

So we all know Real Housewife of Atlanta, Kandi Burris…

Kandi Burris

Kandi Burris | Why They Mad Tho?

She is a Professional Powerhouse and she is all about her Cash, Family  and Lifestyle. One of her several professional hustles is MegaSex toy company, Bedroom Kandi.

Well she has recently produced and performs a new song, Stay Prayed Up. I was a big Xscape fan back in the day so her music is still my flow.  I hadn’t really thought about getting her album, I just havent had time. But so many “church folks” have been side eyeing her lately…because after all whats a chick like THAT doing singing gospel music?…I had to check it out…the song is below!


Okay, I am a big time church girl and I am not foreign to getting my party on either…like most Church Folks!

But this hypocritic drama has me so vexed. I mean I thought that our righteousness was as filthy rags, so what room do I or anybody else have to judge Kandi?

I mean cant a pimp and hustler also praise the Lord? And she actually is simply selling a product, she isnt even committing an actual sin, well not in God’s eyes. But in mans eyes she basically shouldnt even be able to say Gods name let alone sing an awesome song that will motivate non-believers?


This hypocritical thought is what held Mary-Mary back for years and made people turn their noses up at Kirk Franklin. Now these artists are bringing God out of the church and into the hearts of those that might not otherwise know him.

Im not jumping on Team Kandi, but I am on Team, lets be real. Those of us who are judging Kandi better check ourselves before we find ourselves in a situation for people to look down their noses upon. I commend Kandi and other artisits that are in the World but not of it and know how to praise God with the talents that they have been given.

Here is a preview of her new music and MAN is it Slammin’…this church girl is bumpin it and I am about to go get mine offa Itunes!

Staying Prayed Up,

Sharelle D. Lowery
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