Is There ANY Sex & The City?

Is There ANY Sex & The City?

There is NO Sexy & The City…

So one of my favorite shows, like most chicks my age, was Sex in the City.

Women who started as 20 something’s but ended as 40 something’s in different places of the love cycles is a basic synopsis of the fabulous television show turned hit movies.

I mean… Yes, I considered myself a healthy dose of Samantha AND Charlotte. Sexy Vixen and Sweet Square who was good to take to the office parties and possibly even a sexy romp in the hay.

But when the show went off I realized that those were just shows and those were white chicks, so since I wanted the whole kit and kaboodle I knew that I had to change the game.

My sexy persona needed a little scrubbing and scrub I did. I did such a good job that when I asked a cute photographer about drinks during inauguration 2013 he swiftly declined my friendly request. He said that he wanted to spend his dollars on a sure thing and not a square. Oh. Me?


I get defensive because one of my fraternity brother says “okay I can’t wait to come out to Cali!”

I have to tell him that I have standards and that whatever he is coming out for better be to see some museums, not ass.

And I find that conversation uncomfortable too so it’s like what do we want? We are clearly NOT so different from those white chicks Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

Do we want a guy to be totally honest with us although it makes us feel like sh*t because he only sees women as sex or do we simply want to go through the rigmarole and foolishness of pretending that he isn’t going to treat us like sh*t later on in the game when he realizes that we want sex but coupled with a ring and a commitment?

I don’t still dont understand why dating has to be based on whether sex occurs or not since that has nothing to do with getting to know the real me.

I have learned 5 things about No Sex in the City:

1. If you tell a guy that you have standards and that your cookie is not on the table, if he is truly interested-he will stick around!

2. Having sex with them too soon is a sure fire way to not stick around, Samantha never could really KEEP a man, could she?

3. Dating should be done slowly and with the intent of building friendships only!…starting at a coffee shop dates, then out to dinner.

4. You should be very clear with him about all of your intentions and then stick to them. I allowed a brash 29 year old to break my stride, I wiped my mouth and kept it moving-realizing that he would never believe a world of what I said because I couldn’t stick to my guns. It was a lesson learned. *smile*

5. Wearing about a body magic not only helps you look better, but there is LESS likelihood that your date will try(or at least not be able to accomplish) anything and you will have to think about getting naked and probably won’t!

Good Luck Gals!!…There is No Sex in the Good Girls room, and that Classy Bish always wins!

Still Trying to Be Her.

Classily Yours,