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Is Marriage REALLY Necessary?

I am 40, Fly and a Mom to Be. I always imagined that I would get married at like 25, have kids at 27 and just be living in the family way. Now that I see the world differently I am wondering, is marriage really necessary?

Life did not happen in the traditional way for me. I loved my single life (I had some good loves y’all and some really good likes)…and when I was faced with the opportunity to create a family all of my own, but all on my own…I was down. I was actually excited.

So I have a career that is thriving, I have a budding family and my social life has stayed kinda poppin (which was strange because I have a huge belly with a baby inside). I do not feel much pressure to get married. In fact, I am almost thinking why not live my best life right now? And honestly, is marriage really necessary?

Cinderella, Not.

I have always lived with the fairytale that I would eventually become Cinderella. However, I kinda like dating. Even dating seriously. Not so Cinderella. I also feel like men who are opportunists are becoming much more common. As any parent knows, everything that we do, we do for our children and their futures. I am not trying to work for your alimony. Mary J. Blige and Sherri Shepard are both out here paying these men who BOTH cheated on them. And with the pressure of marriage as a non-issue I feel like I can grow a better relationship with anybody that I am seriously dating.

Married People Do Not Seem Happy

I promise that I am not crapping on marriage. I have seen some beautiful mariages. However, I have seen some terrible ones. People who aren’t even done paying for their weddings start paying for divorce lawyers. People pretending that they are happy. Husbands (and wives) cheating like crazy all out in the open.

So in 2018, if Oprah is happy, has a handsome, established significant other and isnt married why should I get married? I am not saying that I never want to get married, I am just asking if it is really necessary?

What Say You?

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3 thoughts on “Is Marriage REALLY Necessary?

  1. As a Christian marriage advocate and blogger, I’ll say this: marriage is not necessary *gasps*

    I love love. I LOVE being married. But I know that it’s not for everyone. Marriage is a ministry and it takes a special kind of person to be in a successful marriage. Not everyone is built for marriage. Not everyone desires marriage. That’s all ok. It’s more important to know whether you’re interested or designed for it before you enter into it. Lots of people get married because it’s what they think they should do or what others are telling them to do. Paul never married and even said that it’s better to stay single for the glory of the Kingdom. He was not about that marriage life! LOL But whether you get married or not, the success of your life depends heavily on the decisions that you make each step of the way <3

  2. I have been happily married for over 28 years. I love being married and hope that our four children find this kind of happiness in their lives. With all that being said, no marriage is not necessary. There are lots of things in life that are not necessary – fancy cars, beautiful clothes, travel to wonderful destinations. Those things aren’t necessary, but they are pretty nice. So while marriage is not necessary, for me, it has been pretty nice.

  3. I think Oprah got it right: a good relationship, a choice to stay in said relationship for as long as you both agree.

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