Is it Classy to Go Commando?

Is it Classy to Go Commando?

Go Commando, we all know what it is.

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Sometimes Going Commando is unavoidable

Every so often there are instances where you simply cannot wear so much as a thong because it will ruin the look of the garment that you are wearing. This is called life as a girl.
That day you aren’t wearing panties you pray that your period isn’t going to mysteriously appear but you also feel kind of free and a little strong-you know…like some type of warrior(maybe She-Ra)…a bit more bold than usual. I suppose that is where the term came from. “Going Commando!” But then the next day you happily slide back into those panties feeling well-protected again. Whew!…right?

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However, what about when we choose to Go Commando-all of the time?

I was watching an episode of I Dream of Nene, the Real Housewives of Atlanta Spin Off, and one of the characters indicated that they were not going to wear panties as brides maids. I laughed and wondered to myself-being the Classy, Black, Girl that I am,

“Is it Classy to Go Commando?”

Conservative = No Go Commando

I always learned as a young girl that you simply do NOT go out of the house without proper undergarments-which were a LOT more than just bra and panties. As I have gotten older and more relaxed I don’t mind the extra jiggle that I get from not having a FULL Girdle on, I do have an a** you know and it does jiggle. But me not wearing panties out in public, whilst speaking to other people, besides making me blush has made me wonder about how conservative I really am-and if its necessary…the conservatism, not the panties.

Commando Conclusion

I have come to the conclusion that it really can be classy…you know “Going Commando.” As long as you are comfortable with going commando and if you are comfortable being a little more nude than we are accustomed to as American women. A characteristic of possessing class means carrying yourself in a manner that allows us the maximum amount of self expression without infringing our lifestyle onto others. This means please don’t have camel toe and no wearing a sheer dress while going commando isn’t cool…and may be a little déclassé, but going commando in slacks or a dress that covers your Brazilian is a-okay with me if its cool with you!

Will I do it regularly, we shall see.

Tell me what you think about NOT wearing any panties!