Instantly in Love at First Sight?

I asked randomly on my Facebook Page “Is Love at First sight REALLY possible?”

And I was met with MUCH conversation! Some hopeless romantics said “Of course!” The romantics stated that their current relationship status was “married for 200 years” after meeting at a school dance. Other people, the Realists, stated “that this was in fact NOT possible and that it was moreso based in lust.”

I was on the fence with this love at first sight piece, because I felt my heart warm in a crazy way just a few weeks ago and it just hasn’t been the same since. I am a Pisces so falling in love has never been a problem, staying in love however has not always proved so easy. Like my fellow Pisces, Liz Taylor and Rihanna, we tend to be free spirits!…and I fall in love with the wind.

Love at First Sight or Lust at First Sight? I almost never discuss my personal feelings or relationships beyond surface here at, but I just felt compelled to, because love gets a bad rap sometimes.

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The day we met, I was mad. My hotel room tub was clogged, my weave was falling out, I was in London and there had been an over emotional person out with me the night before. I was ready to come home. And then this adorable, what I thought was an intern or bellman, just kept talking to me. I was cutting my eyes, thinking about packing and trying to figure out exactly what he was saying. Then the magic moment happened, he touched me when he placed a small tube of toothpaste in my hand. There was an electrical charge that went from him to me…and back to him again. I knew that I had known him before.

love at first sight

I didn’t know at that moment that I would love him, but after a few hours with him that night I knew that my heart would never be the same. And I still cannot get the scene of the last time that our eyes locked out of my head. I knew that I loved him.

Love at First Sight Means, Our Spirits knew before we Did. It was not because we had known each other for so long, but because our spirits spoke to each other. Does that sound weird? I never believed in love at first sight. I thought that it was kinda silly, hokey and not for progressive thinkers. Now, I just know that when people fall in love it’s not a falling experience….it an “open” experience. Where I let your soul talk to mine-in a very private place that only one person can have the key to. I don’t hold anything back and I don’t feel like there is anything wrong in how I feel.

I kinda feel like maybe we were angels in heaven together and planned our across the world meet up when we were both really ready. I have never felt like I loved anybody in totality immediately. Until I was in London. Romantic love at first sight is most certainly possible and real. It’s not physical, it’s spiritual.

I don’t even think about the fact that I have a tendency to “stray.” I don’t worry about my ability to stay interested because my “interest” is not what seals us. It’s my desire to want him to be better and happy and I want to be with him always. And I know that I would love him if I had never even seen him, because it was not what I saw, it was what I felt.

Let’s see how love at first sight works for me. No I won’t share too much, but I WILL keep you informed on any matters of the heart that may bless you! I pray that YOU will have a love at first “sight” experience too.

If you already have, let me know here!!

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