Be a Hero at the Family Tea! – Quick Recipe! #ChooseSmart

Be a Hero at the Family Tea! – Quick Recipe! #ChooseSmart

It had slipped my mind, the Lowery Family Tea! I needed a quick recipe to keep my Mother and Grandmother happy! I created two summer recipes as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias!

As the oldest Grandchild I had to show up my two Sisters!*smile*…and be the Hero of the Tea! I was determined to make the tastiest dish, but I knew that my sisters both had time to slow cook what they were bringing, I needed a quick recipe! I also received a phone call that I needed to bring some plates.

Since I needed supplies and I had to make tea style desserts for more than 20 women I decided to go to Smart & Final and make a single stop for everything.


The great thing about Smart & Final is that they also have great prices!!…for me that’s important!

I made sure that I had my Butter Love Recipe in tow that everybody Swoons over and it is so simple!…the most important ingredient, is Love! This will make my Grandmother happy!


I also decided to make something for the Kids! I remember that tea’s were something that I never liked until I got a little older, and there was never anything really good for us kids to have! But my Mother always made this great dessert for us on Friday’s, her Strawberry Short Kiddie Cake! I decided to make that Quick Recipe to make her happy as well!

Now I was going to be a Hero for my Grandmother, Mother AND the Kids in the Itchy Dresses!…go Auntie “Fu-fu!”…that’s what the kids call me!

So since I was short on time, but needed to be the Hero of the Tea, by bringing the BEST desserts, I went immediately to the Go-To brand for me, which happens to be First Street, I can always trust that First Street items will be Hero High Quality, taste uber rich and make me look like I spent a fortune-even if I didn’t! So I quickly grabbed some goodies!

Then I hopped in line and I was ready to GO!!…even though most of my items are pretty much “ready made” instead of old school home made, I still wanted to make sure that they looked pretty on the table!

So I rushed home since I only had a few more hours until I needed to be at the Grandmothers for High Tea!  First Up was the Strawberry Love Butter!  The drive home was just enough time to soften the butter so that it would be ready to mix!  I know that a lot of recipes call to “whip” rather than mix, but there is something special about hand mixed desserts, I know that there was a little more Love put into them.

 Strawberry Love Butter Process

Pull all of your items together!  So that you don’t have to go back and forth into the refrigerator!


Then after measuring your ingredients, hand mix them in the bowl!  The smell is so amazing!…and I cant help but to dip a croissant in as I am placing the butter in the jar!

I love to use these little mason jars, even though its high tea, mason Jars are such traditional and southern baking and cooking tools!

Now its time to set the croissants up and get it packaged, 3 hours until tea time!  Aren’t they beautiful!  I was impressed with my own self!  Ohhh…the sprinkled powder sugar!!

Now time to get the Kiddie Strawberry Shortcake together!  The great thing about this is that its for the Kids and its just a matter of proper cutting, setting and “whipping!”  This is all that you need!  I am HERO for sure with the Kids!

And it turns into this little bit of Kiddie Heaven!  Easiest dish ever and I love how nostalgic that it makes me feel since my Mommie used to make this for me and my Sisters!  Smart & Final really came to the rescue for me with these items!

There is nothing like spending family time over food that didn’t take forever to make!!…But when my grandmother asked me to bring her another Jar of my Strawberry Love, it positively made my day that I could be a Hero to my grandmother!…and with this Quick Recipe!!

If You Want to See All of the Photo’s From the Preparation Click Here!

And I gave the kids tickets to Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters because I bought two(or more*smile*) items from First Street Bakery!  Get yours soon!…From July 24th until August 6th!  “Auntie Fu-Fu” was a Hero all the way around!! Being a Hero certainly means that you can #ChooseSmart!

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery