Have you ever been Mary Jane?

Have you ever been Mary Jane?

The new television show on BET, Being Mary Jane, is officially my favorite show of next year and I have only seen the movie pilot!…but I dont know how many times that I have watched it!!

“Being Mary Jane,” the movie-length pilot for a series with the same title that will launch next year, attracted more than 4 million viewers Tuesday.

Being Mary Jane Set

My Classy.Black.Girl, Gabrielle Union, plays Mary Jane Paul, successful television anchor who despite a good heart, strong drive and great cake baking skills is not able to have what she desires most: a husband and a family. This story has been told many times but never quite this accurately…or this raw!! Gabby has got me (Mary Jane) down from sometimes slore to Black woman social activist. We are all feeling Mary Jane right?

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Being Mary Jane Stare

Being Mary Jane Gets It…

My favorite scene was when Mary Jane was working late and gets a Facebook message from an old flame. He asks her out on a date, she Kanye Shrugs and accepts. But before Mary Jane goes out she…Masturbates. Not once but twice. Yep, you read it correctly, Gabrielle Union was getting her own rocks off on BET! I almost spit my Olivia Pope red wine all over my white pants. I said out loud, “Other women do that too?”

Y’all, I thought that I was the only one.

Let me paint the picture, to avoid looking too thirsty or sleeping with a guy that I just wanted to get to know, I have just “taken care of my own business” so that I would not be tempted to sleep with them prematurely. But this was not even a fact that I had ever shared with my best friend!…and I always felt a little dirty for doing it. Being Mary Jane before a date was my own private little secret and my own private little weapon so that I would look a sultry with naturally red cheeks and a sexy saunter without giving him a drip-drop! So that I could ooze sex without providing any! I BEEN Being Mary Jane, how about you? Have You ever been Mary Jane before a date??…and what do you think of Being Mary Jane?

Classily Yours!!
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