Halloween Class | Lady Like Costumes to Get a Smile Not a Side Eye

Halloween Class | Lady Like Costumes to Get a Smile Not a Side Eye

So its about that time.

Pumpkins, Office Candy and Overtly Sexual Costumes.

People are scrambling for just the right costume to evoke fun, class and a little sass.  Hopefully no a**.

The Last part can be extremely difficult though, with the costumes that are in the Halloween Superstores covering “that thang” makes it difficult. All of the costumes are quite short, small and revealing. Here are a few quick tips to help you Keep it Classy:

* Decide on your costume well in advance and have two other back-ups. One year I started out as a Nurse, then a Cop and then ended up as a French Maid. Remember its one night but pictures can last forever.
* Being a little bit extreme is expected for Halloween, but make sure that you pass the ClassyBlackGirl.com bend over test.  If the place where your thighs meet is showing, its too short. I mean its too short if you want to be a lady.
* To bring up the Sexy Make Sure that you wear a Super Fly Pair of Shoes.
* Wear Sexy Tights that hide panties, cellulite and your most private parts.
* Avoid costumes such as “Lady of the Night” or other costumes that might take your Class down a notch.
* Do Not Wear ANY Sheer clothing that would show questionable body parts.
* Underware showing is not cool. #NuffSaid
* Go for Fun, Frightening and Flirty. It will garner you much more respect.
* If you have some mid-section girth, rock  a girdle.
* Rocking A Wig can also add to your costume without taking away from your girlish sense of class.

Enjoy, be safe and keep your Class at 100!

Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery | The Official