Fashion Crush: Ecco

Fashion Crush: Ecco

Ecco is a brand of shoes and FINE THINGS that I had no idea existed until just a few weeks ago when my fellow Blogger Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista hit me up on Facebook and invited me to this quaint Fashion Introduction of delicious Ecco Shoes!…thanks Marie!!  There is nothing like sitting at the top of the Runway catching a look at some of the seasons hottest new trends!!

I had a blast and saw some totally cute shoes.  I also copped this hot scarf that I am wearing and mad fly Ipad case…its an Ipad case that hides the fact that its an Ipad…love and need.

I was Killin ‘Em in this Ecco Scarf!

I actually liked the shoes because they were “work shoes.”  I can go all day in these shoes without having to change and while they do not have super skinny heels I appreciate that they are kinda worker girl shoes!!  I have showcased my faves above!!  I cant wait to get my pair!!…They are totally my New Fashion Crush!!

Ecco Shoes Runway Show!