Are You Flying FAB? | Travel

Are You Flying FAB? | Travel


I have always wanted luggage that was as fabulous as me! I have been traveling like crazy and pulling not only dated but painfully heavy luggage! When I received my trusty luggage as a graduation present from my mother in 2000 it was trendy, red and had rollers!!!!…I had the best luggage of all of my traveling companions!! Well I did in 2000 anyway.

Fast Forward to 2013. As time waned so did my tattered luggage, it was heavy, dirty and the handles didn’t work. I had been seeing this FAB luggage that was turning me on!…It was pretty, red and light…and the way that it moved!!!….It was a fashion statement all on its own! I knew that I needed it!

My Personal FAB Experience

My first opportunity to use the luggage was on this weekends trip to Atlanta! As always I believe in being fashion forward when traveling, and now I had the luggage to match! I sailed through the airport, TSA and baggage claim getting second glances because my new accessory, my FAB luggage, was amazing!


So many people actually stopped me and asked me where I got my luggage, I had to tell them I love to share my beauty and fabulosity secrets! This is a big one!

Airport FAB

I like this luggage because it’s beautiful but it’s so much more than Skin deep! The mobility of it actually makes me smile. It’s so easy and simply removes the stress of moving your luggage. You push, not pull. The bag is also very light so you don’t have weight issues at the airport! But probably the best part of this bag is how absolutely roomy and separated the compartments are! A girl like me has lots of fashion, beauty and shoe needs…and this set accomplishes the goal!



I can’t help but say that I have little butterflies for this carryon tablet purse bag!!…She is so pretty and I can wear it as a travel bag, conference bag or just a place for my “on the plane” needs and electronic accessories like my IPad, phone and snacks while traveling…especially the amazing secret side compartment!

I used it all weekend as a purse.  It fit my Mic, and Blogalicious Goodies from the whole weekend while looking chic on the conference table!

My FAB Finish

I will never be embarrassed in baggage claim again. These pieces are so pretty but they held up like champs in baggage and protected all of my stuff-including my laptop, which I checked!!…I did not carry it on.
The small piece of luggage, the carry on had to hold a significant amount of my conference swag this bag…held all of this.


The FAB Luggage held it together excellently!

This luggage is king! I encourage you to cop a set yourself and tell me what you think of it!!!

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Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery

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