10 Rules for Coffee House Etiquette

10 Rules for Coffee House Etiquette

Coffee Shop Etiquette

I am a coffee shop regular!  When I go in they know my name and they make my drink extra “sweet and strong”…just how I like it!  But it could be because I display coffee shop etiquette!  Here are my tips for making the most out of your visit and being kind to all of us caffeine lovers!  Here are more of “The Rules!”

1. Never make a lot of noise in the coffeehouse it’s a place of serenity and peace and a cubicle for some!
2. If you need to do work in the coffeehouse don’t bring children it is distracting to other people and it is unfair to your children.
3. Do NOT bring other types of coffee or food into the coffee house.  Consume only what you purchase there, this includes water!
4. Do NOT have a ridiculous order the baristas don’t like it.
5. Do NOT ask anybody to move so that you can sit by the plug for your laptop, this is rude.  Why would you think that it is fair to displace somebody else because you are not charged.
6. Do not leave your trash after you get up, this includes food, newspapers, or anything else that you may have left behind!
7. If you need to use your cell phone to step outside.  This includes when ordering.  Texting is also rude while ordering.
8. Do NOT spread out over more than one table or use a table that is designed for more than one person.  Other people want to work, drink coffee and chill as well.
9. If you spill coffee or drop food, clean it up.
10. If you are going to be planted in a coffee shop for several hours remember to continue to order coffee…because somebody has to pay for the space that you’re sitting in-especially if you are using wifi!

And just as a bonus, do NOT forget to say Thank You!

Classily Yours!

Sharelle D. Lowery | The Princess of Grace