ClassyBlackGirl’s 10 Sexiest Men in 2014! | MEN

ClassyBlackGirl’s 10 Sexiest Men in 2014! | MEN

2013 was SexySauce…to say the least.

The best part of last year was all of the sexy and draw dropping men.

People Magazine’s 2013 Sexiest Man alive was Adam Levine, and no doubt Adam Levine is good!…but he is not even close to being the Sexiest Man Alive! I decided to come up with my own Classy, Black Girl List-and more of who I want to see rock the mic, the stage and the football field in 2014!

Colin Kaepernick Classy Black Girl 10 Sexiest men of 2014

10. Colin Kaepernuck | This Sexy QB for the 49er’s is ALL GOOD. When I was thinking of this list I wanted a nice cross-section of brown brothers, and this tatted body and million dollar smile landed this Nupe as Number 10 on my sexiest Men in 2014 list. And y’all know how I feel about the number 10. 100% Yum.

Lance Gross Classy Black Girl 10 Sexiest Men of 2014

9. Lance Gross | This beautiful, brown, chocolate something makes me smile. With over 20 screen credits and a Howard education under his belt(and GOD only knows what else) Lance Gross most impressed me as the sexy husband in Tyler Perry’s Temptation. When he rocked that cowboy hat, boots and guitar-I was all in. And he is FROM the OAK! Toes curled.

Pooch Hall The Game Football 10 Sexiest Men Classy Black Girl

8. Pooch Hall | Didn’t we all wish that we were Melanie? Was there any OTHER reason to watch The Game besides boy-next door sex symbol, Derwin? Nope. When he left so did I. Rumor is, Pooch wants to come back to The Game. His totally beautiful carmel colored skin makes me want to kiss him all over.

Columbus Short Classy Black Girl 10 Sexiest Men of 2014 Classy Black Girl

7. Columbus Short | We know and love him as Harrison on Scandal. This sexy, well-spoken brother with the juicy lips has it handled! Columbus may not be tall, but he isn’t short on the SEXY! This handsome man always looks good rocking a suit. Yes, I cannot wait to see more of Columbus Short in 2014.

Romeo Miller Classy Black Girl 10 Sexiest Men of 2014
6. Romeo Miller alias “Lil Romeo” | Forgive me, but Master P’s cutie pie son is grown up with all of his Daddy’s entreprenuerial skills. This young Leo is a good look at 24 years old! If I was 24 hunty.

Apollo Nida RHOA Classy Black Girl 10 Sexiest men od 2014

5. Apollo Nida | Im not quite sure what Apollo does for a living but he is married to Real Housewife of ATL, Phaedra Parks. And he is fine…I am CERTAIN of that. Nice body, beautiful face…who cares about his past jail time?…he is nice to look at. Apparently he is popular in the ATL Social Scene as well, with or without his wife. *Shade Thrown*

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Lamman Rucker 1 Sexiest Men of 2014 Classy Black Girl

4. Lamman Rucker | Can you imagine coming home to Mimosa’s with Lamman? Lawd…Im literally biting my lip. We first saw this tall, drink of chocolate milk in BET films promoting safe sex. Yes, I grinned too. We can now catch him in Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns…and I would like to meet them alright! Let’s toast it up.

Hill Harper Classy Black Girl 10 Sexiest Men

3. Hill Harper | Author, Actor and Harvard Alumn. This man who calls President Obama his friend(they met on the B-Ball court at Harvard), will charm you with his beautiful eyes and mind. Smart & Sexy is a positively undeniable pair! I would love dinner and conversation with this FIONE American intellectual. And then…

Morris Chestnut Use

2. Morris Chestnut | Actor and all-around gorgeous man. His voice is commanding, his smile is to DIE for and he has the V that we all are dying for our men to have. And the fact that he loves Sista’s just makes me feel some kinda way. He is definitely filling Denzel Washington’s shoes as one of the finest men in Hollywood. Doughboy’s little brother is ALL Grown up now. And he made us love him all over again in Best Man: Holiday I need some honey and strawberries.

Idris Elba #ClassyBlackGirl Sexiest Men of 2014

1. Idris Alba | The ONLY man that is literally KILLING the overall sexy game. His bowlegged walk, rough British accent and excellent acting skills make us swoon over his every step. Idris Elba is the ONE in Hollywood and his energy is so sexy and so positively masuline. Chalk it up to my infatuation with men with British accents…and that sly smile of his. Extra Swoon, Toes Curling and yes Idris Elba positively deserves to be NUMBER ONE!

Collage Idris Elba Classy Black Girl Top 10 Sexiest Men of 2014

These are men that I feel are positively beautiful and that I would like to see more of in 2014.

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