| BlackWebLog Awards Finalist! | BlackWebLog Awards Finalist! is excited to share that after being Nominated for a BlackWebLog Award that we are now one of the FINALISTS in the category of Best Blog or Author’s Blog!

You know that I was full of OMG’s!!…My Blog is just over a year old! is a FINALIST!

“I write for me…and I am excited if somebody actually likes what I write or re-tweets a post of mine.”
-Sharelle D. Lowery, Editor-in-Chief,

This is an exciting time for we are in infancy stages and write for a market that is often overlooked, but one that wants to read juicy, funny and authentic blog posts that have punchy pictures from a Bougie Black Girls perspective!

Please take a few moments to vote for our Blog so that we can WIN and so that we can continue to bring you the BEST and most innovative in writing and reporting!


Have a Blessed Day!

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery | The Official