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  • How NOT To Be The Side-Chick!

    It dawned on me that I had not written a post on how NOT to be the Side Chick. I know that even the best of us have gotten shoved into that side chick position, maybe we were not paying attention, maybe we were aware but just didn’t care or maybe you were the main chick and a bigger better chick side-chicked you. However it happened we all know that side chick status does NOT feel good. We can all create justifications on how it happens and that it’s different with your man…all that aside, I have 10 Tips on how NOT to be the Side Chick!…with bonuses!

  • A Night Out With ZipCar

    It’s been roughly a year and a half since I had to part with my faithful truck of 11 years. Since making that decision I’ve had to become more strategic with the ways that I travel. I now utilize a mixture of public transportation and limited car usage.